Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 Vaccine Clinics

The Rensselaer County Health Department is administering the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 Vaccine at pop-up clinics throughout the county this summer. Walk-ins are accepted. Please note, individuals MUST be 18+ to be eligible for this single dose vaccine. View vaccine clinic schedule:

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Columbia High School art students Natalie Herkenham ’23 and Gurleen Kaur ’21 had their photographs accepted into NYSUT’s art exhibition “Inside/Outside: Students of the Arts Respond to the Covid-19 Pandemic” last week. Congratulations!

“Pause” by Natalie Herkenham ’23

I titled this photograph “Pause” because of the way the news stopped my brother in his tracks. Additionally, the title symbolizes how the pandemic has put everyone’s lives on pause. During this unusual time in my life, I turned to long walks and podcasts for an escape from reality. I discovered Lynsey Addario, a photojournalist who documents human rights issues and war. I became fascinated with her work and I wanted my photos to reflect her techniques. Lynsey’s courage in dark times has inspired me to remain positive and share that hope with others. I took this photograph with the intent that one day I will look at it and reflect back on this historic period we’re all living through. ~ Natalie Herkenham

Pause by Natalie Herkenham web

“Nostalgic” by Gurleen Kaur ’21

This photograph makes me long for the normalcy of seeing a movie in theaters with my friends. I chose a black and white filter for this image because I felt it would look more dramatic, nostalgic and sad. I look forward to going back to a time when we can all enjoy each other’s company safely without fear of the pandemic. ~ Gurleen Kaur

Photograph of movie theatre sign