PK-12 Half Day – Monday, September 26

There will be a half day for students in grades PK-12 on Monday, September 26 due to professional development. (This does not include ECEC Pre-K students. They will have a full day of school on September 26.)

Dismissal Schedule

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East Greenbush Central School District would like to welcome all of our new teachers and staff. We hope you have a wonderful year!

  • Kelly Aldinger, ENL Teacher, Genet
  • Emily Bonesteel, Teaching Assistant, Green Meadow
  • Janelle Carey, AIS Reading, Donald P. Sutherland
  • Lauren Castellana, Special Education, Bell Top
  • Jessica Cartwright, Teaching Assistant, Donald P. Sutherland
  • Rebecca Cook, K-3 Intervention Specialist, Districtwide
  • Monica Cooley, Special Education, Green Meadow
  • Kimberly DiGiorgi, Special Education, Goff
  • Samantha Dunham, School Counselor, Columbia
  • Alicia Edick, Elementary, Genet
  • Jennifer Farrell, K-3 Intervention Specialist, Districtwide
  • Nicole Forth, Mathematics, Goff
  • MaryJane Hopeck, K-3 Intervention Specialist, Districtwide
  • Megan Kenney, K-3 Intervention Specialist, Districtwide
  • Lisa Langenbach, Food Service, Genet
  • Kelly Laughlin, Teaching Assistant, Bell Top
  • Katherine L’Etoile, Elementary, Goff
  • Emily Long, Insurance Technician, Central Administration
  • Alecia Loveland, School Counselor, Goff
  • Cheryl Lunford, Teaching Assistant, Goff
  • Caterina Marra, K-3 Intervention Specialist, Districtwide
  • Allison McArdle, Special Education, Genet
  • Kathryn Miecznikowski, Art, Genet/Red Mill
  • Nicole Muth, Teaching Assistant, Genet
  • Alysse Ouimet, Special Education, Goff
  • Jacob Preston, Physical Education, Green Meadow/Donald P. Sutherland
  • Karen Roche, AIS Reading, Red Mill
  • Alina Rodriguez, Special Education, Green Meadow
  • Michele Rose, AIS Reading, Genet
  • Lisa Rust, K-3 Intervention Specialist, Districtwide
  • Renee Rymarz, Psychologist, Green Meadow
  • Holly Sessock, Teaching Assistant, Green Meadow
  • Kimberly Simpson, Monitor, Donald P. Sutherland
  • Jenny Shoemaker, Teaching Assistant, Green Meadow
  • Jessica Slawson, Teaching Assistant, Genet
  • Kara Sullivan, K-3 Intervention Specialist, Districtwide
  • Emily VanLeuven, Senior Typist, Central Administration
  • Kate Wargula, K-3 Intervention Specialist, Districtwide
  • MacKenzie White, Reading, Goff