The East Greenbush Central School District will return to traditional snow days this school year in the event of severe winter weather. The district, like many others across the state, replaced traditional snow days with remote learning days last year through a pilot program as it dealt with constraints on the instructional calendar due to the pandemic.

With this year’s school calendar returning to normal, and after a thorough review of NYS Education Department policies, the need for remote learning days on days when schools are closed is not necessary at this time.

Emergency Closing Days

Each year the district builds into the calendar five Emergency Closing Days to be used in the event of emergencies, which can include heavy snow or ice that impact road conditions during winter.

In the event the district uses more than its five allotted emergency closings, it may implement remote learning days for any subsequent closing to preserve spring break for students, staff and families.

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Communication of School Delays/Closings

If schools are delayed or closed, school staff and parents receive an email and text alert to notify them. Messages are also posted on the school district website (, social media and the local news.

Schools may be delayed or closed altogether during the winter based on a variety of resources, including:

  • Road condition reports
  • The time snow starts and the amount of snow
  • Weather predictions for the morning and afternoon hours
  • Building conditions (power and heat)
  • Condition of school buses
  • Weather warnings from National Weather Service
  • Consultation with local towns and police agencies

In addition to closings and delays, there may be instances when weather conditions are safe for travel in the morning but hazardous by the time of the district’s regularly scheduled dismissals. When this is the case, the Superintendent of Schools may consider an early dismissal option. In these situations, parents and emergency contacts will be notified and all students would be dismissed from school to the location parents have indicated on the Student Verification Form in case of an emergency closing.

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