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Three Columbia High School students enrolled in Participation in Government met with a state assemblymember’s staff last week to discuss their class project which is focused on the replacement of I-787 and transformation of the Albany waterfront. Ryan Seely ’22, Justin Sapienza ’22 and Shashwat Panigrahi ’22 interviewed staff from Assemblymember Pat Fahy’s (109th District) office in a Columbia conference room.

“I am super proud of this class and love that students are really learning about public policy,” said Participation in Government teacher Kelley Sheraw.

In a tweet about the meeting, Assemblymember Fahy said “It’s great to see young people engaged about the future of the #CapitalRegion!”

Each semester, Participation in Government students work in groups to develop and propose legislation. Students in the class then vote for one bill that they would like to see made into law.  The class teaches students about civics, government relations and how to work together in teams.