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In an effort to return asymptomatic quarantined students and staff to school more quickly, the East Greenbush Central School District has implemented a Home Testing Protocol. 

Currently, unvaccinated and asymptomatic individuals identified as close contacts of a COVID-19 case are required to quarantine at home for 5 days.

As an alternative to quarantine, those individuals identified as close contacts in the school setting who are not demonstrating any symptoms of COVID-19 may be allowed to continue to report to school or work if they follow a “home testing protocol” as follows:

  • Complete two at-home COVID tests over the course of 5 days and report each of the results to the school nurse or employee’s supervisor
    • Test on Day 2 after the exposure or the first day of school/work if the exposure is on a weekend
    • Test on Day 5
  • Each test must be completed before reporting to school or work on these dates
  • Each test result must be negative in order for the student to attend school or the employee to report to work. Parents are encouraged to inform the school nurse of the results.
  • In all cases, individuals who test positive should not attend school or report to work and they should inform the school of their positive test result
  • According to the NYS Department of Health, individuals participating in the home testing program will be required to follow quarantine protocols outside of attending school/work

At-home tests will be made available for free to all families and employees who are participating in the Home Testing Protocol. Please contact the school’s main office to obtain an at-home test. 

We will continue to work with families and employees on an individual basis to support them through any COVID-related concerns.