PK-12 Half Day – Monday, September 26

There will be a half day for students in grades PK-12 on Monday, September 26 due to professional development. (This does not include ECEC Pre-K students. They will have a full day of school on September 26.)

Dismissal Schedule

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Administrators at Howard L. Goff Middle School recognized the March Students of the Month on Tuesday morning. Students were nominated by teachers for showing the character trait of “Positivity.” Congratulations!

Goff 6th Grade Students of the Month - March 20226th Grade

  • Dominic Belmont
  • Aiden Bridges
  • Shea Childrose
  • Hadley Cirillo
  • Gabby Germano
  • Lucy Mueller
  • Layla Mukhtar
  • Bentley Osowiecky
  • Chris Schwab
  • Mason Tether

Goff 7th Grade Students of the Month - March 20227th Grade

  • Tyler Anderson
  • Mikyra Austin
  • Josue Gonzalez Zapata
  • Lyla Maguffin
  • Kahlo McCarthy
  • Aria Poggoli
  • Estella Seibert
  • Robert Stone
  • Nathan Terry
  • Kalajae Winnie

Goff 8th Grade Students of the Month - March 20228th Grade

  • Possible Bentum
  • Alex Cunningham
  • Lilah Dwileski
  • Sydney Gier
  • Tabitha Joseph
  • Robbie Lindberg
  • Justin Murphy
  • Sharlea Oliver
  • Brooke Wagner
  • Kaden Witte