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Columbia Math League Club finalists

Columbia Math League top finishers include Akkhil Morkonda, who scored the most points overall in the six contests, Akshat Arinav in 2nd place and Teddy Howard in 3rd place.

The Columbia Math League Club has completed another year of challenging and thought-provoking competitions. Congratulations to the 2022 winner Akkhil Morkonda who scored the most points overall in the six contests. Akshat Arinav placed second and Teddy Howard placed third.

In addition to those three participants, contestants Shea Thorpe, Nathan Geng, Julianna Demers, Evan Witte, Hariharan Conji, Shashwat Panigrahi, Ashish Roddam, Harinisri Conji, and Jacob Baker make up the top 12 scoring participants.

These difficult questions require much focus, skill and insight. We wish our seniors a heartfelt congratulations and we will see everyone next year. Mrs. Thompson hopes you all enjoy your ice cream!