Winter Recess

All schools will be closed for Winter Recess starting Monday, February 19 through Friday, February 23.

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Career Jam Ribbon Cutting at Siena CollegeEighth graders from Howard L. Goff Middle School learned all about potential jobs in the Capital Region by attending Career Jam at Siena College on June 9. The event was hosted in the Siena College gym and began with a pep rally for the students. Siena’s mascot Baloo, a saint bernard, also made an appearance.

Students visited 65 booths hosted by employers in the trades, energy, health care, law enforcement, science and technology.

“I learned so much about different career paths, soft skills, and companies,” said Goff 8th grader Ellie Jagger.

While visiting the booths, students were able to ask questions and participate in hands-on activities.

“My favorite part of Career Jam was going to each booth and seeing what you could do for that company,” said Goff 8th grader Charlotte Mueller. “A specific booth that I liked was Regeneron. It was interesting to see how germs and hand sanitizer work.”

Intro to CTE – Home & Career Skills teacher, Debreen Oliva, is now looking forward to exposing a new group of 8th graders to Career Jam Explore CapNY next school year.