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Red Mill studentsThe East Greenbush Central School District expanded its Pre-K Program this school year to meet the needs of more children and families. The district is now serving 61 students with locations at Donald P. Sutherland, Genet and Red Mill Elementary Schools, which are operated by Questar III BOCES, and the Early Childhood Education Center in North Greenbush.

Last year, the district had 36 students in Pre-K with both sections located at Red Mill. It marked the first time that the school district received state aid specifically for pre-k.

District administrators worked quickly that summer to develop the program, find classroom space and issue a Request for Proposal to local child care organizations.

There is no local tax impact for this program or cost to the participating families. It is partially funded by state aid ($5,400/student) with the balance being funded by the American Rescue Plan.

After a successful school year in 2021-22, and positive feedback from families in the program, the school district decided to offer more slots and locations for this year.

“We are excited to expand our Pre-K classes this year in partnership with Questar III and ECEC,” said Superintendent Jeff Simons. “The program provides foundational social skills, language development experiences and the academic building blocks for student success in later grades.” 

The ability of the district to continue to offer Pre-K is contingent upon continued NYS Universal Pre-K Funding.