No School - Monday, May 29 (Memorial Day)

All schools and district offices will be closed on Monday, May 29 in observance of Memorial Day. However, Friday, May 26 and Tuesday, May 30 will be regular school days for all students and staff due to the district's use of five emergency closings this school year.

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Students at Howard L. Goff Middle School completed the Renaissance Star Beginning of Year universal screener earlier this fall. Students spent 20-30 minutes taking the computer adaptive test which is used to evaluate proficiency in reading and math. 

The results from this test will establish a baseline for what each student knows and what they are ready to learn. The data is also being used as one of the multiple measures in considering eligibility for Academic Intervention Services.

“The Star Renaissance universal screener provides insights needed to guide literacy growth for emergent, struggling, and high achievers,” said Goff Principal Jill Barker. “We have found the Star screener to be very useful for assessing performance and transforming this data into action steps for educators, giving teachers helpful insights and tools to strengthen instruction.”

The East Greenbush Central School District purchased Renaissance Star software in Summer 2021 using COVID federal funding. It then implemented the universal screener in grades K-5 at all schools, which showed impressive growth during the 2021-22 school year.

Due to that success, Goff Middle School piloted the universal screener last winter for grades 6 and 7.

“The Goff Star pilot last spring was well received,” said RTI Coordinator Lisa Mahar. “Staff immediately saw the value of the assessment and it was a natural progression to roll out the universal screener K-8. Goff Middle School now has a consistent measure that follows the student from the elementary level to the middle school to analyze a student’s reading and math proficiency.”

Based on the Beginning of Year universal screener, students are classified into one of four categories: 

  • Proficient
  • On Watch
  • Intervention 
  • Urgent Intervention

The results of the screener showed 77% of students are At/Above Grade Level in Reading and 80% are At/Above Grade Level in Math, meaning they scored Proficient or On Watch.

Goff Star Renaissance Reading Beginning of Year Screener results

Goff Star Renaissance Math Beginning of Year Screener results

Students who scored in either Intervention or Urgent Intervention were analyzed using multiple measures at a data team meeting to determine what, if any, services are needed. Additional measures may include NYS assessment results, historical and current grades, previous and current services, attendance records, teacher input and a review of transfer records if it is a new student.

“The Renaissance screener is beneficial as another tool to identify students needing extra services in math and reading,” said Goff Math Teacher and 6-8 Math Content Coordinator Christine Blake. “The screener will assist teachers in efficiently identifying instructional areas that need reinforcement, and enable us to assign adaptive practice in those areas. It will also allow us to target specific areas at the students’ current level, ensuring success and building confidence while improving overall academic performance.”

Renaissance Star Universal Screener Testing Schedule

Beginning of Year

  • Star Reading: September 13
  • Star Math: September 15

Middle of Year

  • Star Reading: January 24
  • Star Math: January 26

End of Year

  • Star Reading: May 16
  • Star Math: May 18