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Students at a Book Tasting in the DPS library

Fourth grade students at a Book Tasting in the Donald P. Sutherland Elementary School library with Mrs. Maxstadt and Mrs. O’Connor.

Fourth grade students at Donald P. Sutherland Elementary School enjoyed a Book Tasting on Friday in the school library where they sampled books from all different genres. Seated at round tables with red and white gingham tablecloths, the students read a few pages of a book and then filled out menu cards with their comments.

Moving about the room were 4th Grade Teacher Tonya Maxstadt and Librarian Peggy O’Connor. They were dressed as a book chef and hostess as they answered questions and made suggestions.

“The purpose of our Book Tasting is to expose students to different genres using a fun, hands-on, and collaborative approach,” said Mrs. Maxstadt. “Students will get a taste for book genres they may not be familiar with, chat and discuss books with their groups, make recommendations and hopefully, try out one or two new genres!”

All three ELA classes from 4th grade rotated through the Book Tasting. At the end of each session, students brought books to Mrs. O’Connor at the circulation desk to check them out.

“It was so inspiring to hear students talk excitedly about the books and share their favorite recommendations with their classmates,” Mrs. O’Connor said. “On the day of the tasting, the 4th grade class signed out a total of 288 library books!”