Students in the Language Concepts class at Bell Top Elementary School recently took a field trip as part of a new library program created this year called Difference Makers. The students read the picture book “The Cat Man of Aleppo” about the war in Syria and a man who saved orphaned cats there, and later, children.

Inspired by the book, the students then decided to learn more about animal sanctuaries in the local area. They had a Google Meet with the owner of HeartsHerd Animal Sanctuary and Rescue Center in Buskirk and learned about what they do, the types of animals they help and how the students themselves could get involved.

At the field trip, the students learned more about the sanctuary, met all of the animals including horses, alpacas, cows, goats and pigs, and completed a service project to support the animals. They consolidated a pallet of animal treats by dumping small bags of treats into large bins so sanctuary workers can more easily feed the animals.

The fifth grade students in the Language Concepts class are now creating a “Special Report” for Bell Top TV to share what they learned with their peers.

Language Concepts teacher Lauren Castellana; teaching assistants Colleen Spath, Catherine Regitano, and Lynn Ronan; social worker Michaela Cassella; and librarian Felice Devine attended the field trip along with the students.


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