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WWI Trench Warfare project

A 3D model illustrates the different components of a military trench used in World War I battles.

Eighth grade Social Studies students depicted World War I by creating museum gallery projects that are now on display at Howard L. Goff Middle School. Projects include the sinking of the Lusitania, trench warfare, the Red Baron and more.

The projects were a culminating activity for the World War I unit in January. Students chose their own topic to research, created a visual representation and then presented it to their classmates.

“The students were able to show their creativity and understanding of World War I while creating dioramatic trenches, 3-D tanks and airplanes, and propaganda posters along with many other items,” said Social Studies teacher Michael Barnes. “This is a yearly project that the students always enjoy as they get hands-on with creating an ‘artifact’ that is displayed for the whole school to see.”

The projects are on display in the glass case just outside the 8th grade wing on the first floor of Goff Middle School, and in the classrooms of Social Studies teachers Mr. Barnes, Mr. Galvin and Mrs. Lichorowiec.