DWI prevention activity

During a DWI prevention presentation at Columbia High School last week, a student participates in a field sobriety test to help show how an impaired driver would act.

Columbia High School students learned about important health topics such as internet safety, dating violence prevention and using a positive mindset for overall wellness as part of Health Awareness Week last week.

Students attended the presentations in the school auditorium during their Physical Education classes.

Many of the presentations discussed relevant safety topics for young adults. During a DWI presentation, Sergeant LaGrave from the East Greenbush Police Department and Mike Dinardo from the Rensselaer County STOP DWI Program explained to students how alcohol and drugs affect a person’s body. Student volunteers participated in field sobriety tests while wearing goggles that impair a person’s vision and motor skills. The demonstration illustrated the dangers of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Other presentations were focused on overall wellness, including positive mindset and healthy relationships.

“Health Awareness Week was a great success!,” said Wellness Coordinator Tom Libardi. “The wide variety of speakers and presentations provided our students firsthand experiences and various perspectives into real life scenarios. The topics for the week focused on health and safety in all walks of life, ranging from everyday safety to mental health and mindset. The Health and Physical Education Departments look forward to making next year’s event even better!”

Health Awareness Week Topics:

  • CPR and Stop the Bleed Training – Officer Ashley
  • Drinking and Driving Prevention – Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD)
  • DWI Prevention – Sergeant LaGrave and Rensselaer County STOP DWI Coordinator Mike Dinardo
  • Positive Mindset and Overall Wellness – Physical Education Teacher and Strength and Conditioning Coach John Martin
  • Internet Safety and Healthy Decision Making – Special Agent Eric Lurie
  • Sexual Assault and Crime Victims Program – St. Peter’s Hospital
  • Dating Violence Prevention/Gun and Gang Violence – Unity House of Troy
  • Acceptance of LGBTQ+ Community – Pride Center of the Capital Region
  • Business Mindset and Athlete Focus – Thomas Arcidiacono