Red Mill One Book assembly

Red Mill students hold up their copies of the book “The Elephant in the Room” at a One District, One Community, One Book assembly on Wednesday afternoon.

Students and staff throughout the East Greenbush Central School District cracked open their books today and began reading “The Elephant in the Room” as part of the One District, One Community, One Book program. The literacy initiative, which was developed by the district’s Committee to Promote Global Education, will act as a book club for the school district and beyond.

Starting today through April 5, students, teachers, staff, families and members of the community are invited to read the book together as they follow a reading calendar and participate in class activities, book discussions, daily trivia, and other special events.

Superintendent Jeff Simons kicked off the program on Wednesday morning when he made a district-wide PA announcement to all of the schools. He introduced the program and all of the fun activities that will be going on over the next five weeks. He also asked the first trivia question, which was correctly answered first by a Columbia High School student.

Students and staff began reading in class, at school-wide assemblies and independently.

We hope you join in!



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