Chris Ciccone teaching Earth Science

Columbia Earth Science Teacher Chris Ciccone was named 2024 EGTA Teacher of the Year.

Columbia High School Earth Science Teacher Chris Ciccone has been named Teacher of the Year by the East Greenbush Teachers Association.

Self-described as a “public servant,” Mr. Ciccone has taught at Columbia High School for nearly 30 years. He has also served as a coach, a club advisor, and he is a veteran of the New York Army National Guard.

Mr. Ciccone’s path to becoming a teacher started with a degree in geology from the University at Albany. He said he had two choices once he graduated. He could work for an oil company or he could teach. He said that family members who were teachers and his superiors in the Army said he would make a good teacher.

“And here I am,” he said.

Chris Ciccone teaching Earth Science

Columbia Earth Science Teacher Chris Ciccone teaching students on Friday, May 17.

During class on Friday, as students worked in pairs at lab tables on a geologic history assignment, Mr. Ciccone walked around the room, answering questions and helping students.

“I like working with kids,” he said. “I think it’s part of the mandate of the job to like kids and to try and get the best that you possibly can out of them.”

In addition to teaching Earth Science, Mr. Ciccone coaches the Columbia Varsity Softball team. He is also the advisor of the school’s Pride Club which brings together LGBTQ+ and straight students to meet, support each other and create a platform for current issues that may arise.

Mr. Ciccone received the Teacher of the Year award from EGTA President and Art Teacher Alison Savoca as she and other Columbia teachers surprised him during class and presented him with a dozen roses.

“Chris Ciccone is truly the epitome of what it means to be an educator,” said EGTA President and Columbia Art Teacher Alison Savoca. “In his science classroom, he’s inspiring students to build connections to the world they live in. In his extracurricular club, he is promoting inclusivity. Through coaching, he’s building character, confidence, and team values. As an advocate for his colleagues, Chris demonstrates a passion that is second to none. He embodies the fundamental values of the East Greenbush Teachers Association. Our members made a phenomenal choice in nominating and selecting him for this honor!”

Mr. Ciccone said that while he is not good at receiving accolades, he is grateful for the recognition from his colleagues.

“I appreciate the fact that my colleagues would even nominate me for such an honor,” he said.

Congratulations to Chris Ciccone, the 2024 EGTA Teacher of the Year!

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