East Greenbush Central School District administrators presented the Strategic Plan Scorecard to the Board of Education at its public meeting on May 29. The scorecard shows 11 different goals related to the board’s three focus areas of:

  1. Future-Driven Education
  2. Whole-Learner Focus and
  3. Safe, Inclusive and Diverse

The Strategic Plan Scorecard was created at the start of the 2017-18 school year as an accountability tool for reaching the board’s goals, which are established by the Board of Education prior to each school year.

Beneath each goal on the Strategic Plan Scorecard is a set of objectives and strategies with responsible stakeholders, measurable indicators, a timeline, status and progress notes.

Superintendent Jeff Simons provided a progress report of the scorecard at the board meeting. 

“The district continues to support expanded opportunities for students and serve our community well,” said Superintendent Jeff Simons. “The scorecard provides our board of education and community with a progress report on various strategies and initiatives which are on-going within the school district to ensure students acquire the skills they need for their futures, to address the needs of the whole child including social emotional wellness, and ensure that everyone, students, staff and community members feel valued and a sense of belonging in our schools.”  

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