Genet Interactive Wax Museum

Fourth grade students portrayed historical and contemporary figures at the Genet Elementary School Interactive Wax Museum on Friday, June 14.

Famous historical and contemporary figures such as Julius Caesar, Leonardo da Vinci, Abraham Lincoln, Jane Goodall and Taylor Swift made appearances at Genet Elementary School last week as 4th grade students portrayed them in the annual Interactive Wax Museum.

Nearly 90 students participated in the event, which was the culmination of their research projects.

Each student chose a person to research, they made a poster board and then dressed as the person for the event and shared what they had learned with students, staff and families in attendance.

“Our annual Wax Museum at Genet gives our fourth graders the opportunity to learn about many important past and current historic figures,” said Genet 4th Grade Teacher Jenna Turnbull. “They put in a remarkable amount of effort to research details about the lives and accomplishments of the figure they selected and had a great deal of fun in the process.”