2024 Goff 8th Grade Elevation Celebration

Goff Assistant Principal Mike Neumann addressing the 8th grade class at Elevation Celebration on Wednesday, June 29 in the Columbia High School gymnasium.

Eighth grade students officially completed middle school last week as they received certificates at the Howard L. Goff Middle School Elevation Celebration on June 26 in the Columbia High School gymnasium. In a few short months, those students will return to Columbia as freshmen, and begin high school together.

The students processed into the gym, led by teachers and staff, while families watched from the bleachers. Interim Principal James McHugh thanked the families, teachers and staff in attendance for their support of the 8th grade class. Then he congratulated the students for their achievements and reminded them to carry with them the lessons that they have learned in middle school.

“As we celebrate this evening, let us remember that tonight’s Elevation Celebration is not an end, but just the beginning,” said Mr. McHugh. “Tonight is simply the start of a new chapter filled with endless possibilities. Embrace the future with open hearts and open minds and know that you have a strong foundation to build on.”

Other speakers included Superintendent Jeff Simons, Student Council President Abby Lussier, and Goff Assistant Principal Mike Neumann, who after nine years at Goff Middle School, will be the new principal at Bell Top Elementary School in September.

“As we step into our high school era, let’s embrace the opportunities and challenges that come our way, knowing we have each other to depend on,” said Ms. Lussier. “It’s OK to feel nervous about the unknown and sad to leave the known behind, but remember, with every challenge comes the opportunity to grow. Whether it’s academic, athletics, the arts or roles in clubs, let’s continue to push each other to excel, and support one another along the way.”

During the ceremony, students unveiled the 8th grade class board, which illustrated some of the key moments and themes from this past school year.

Congratulations to the Goff Middle School Class of 2024 and the incoming Columbia Class of 2028!

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