Jesse Temple

Jesse Temple was elected president of the Board of Education for the 2024-25 school year.

The East Greenbush Central School District Board of Education elected officers for the 2024-25 school year at its organizational meeting on Monday evening.

Jesse Temple was elected president (nominated by Michael Buono) and Emily Steinbach was elected vice president (nominated by Mark Mann). Mr. Buono was elected assistant clerk and Michele Skumurski was re-elected as deputy treasurer.

The organizational meeting preceded the board’s first regular meeting of the 2024-25 school year.

“I am deeply grateful to my peers for their confidence in me, nominating and electing me as our board president,” Mr. Temple said. “I am committed to achieving the best outcomes for our students in academics, social-emotional development, and quality of life. Our district will lead by example, fostering a strong sense of community among our students, staff and administration. By prioritizing communication and collaboration with our students, community, and across all levels of our district, we will provide the optimal support and resources our children need to thrive.”

During the meeting, new board members Samantha Phillips, Kimberly Turner and Catherine Van Orden took the oath of office. They were elected to the board in May and begin three-year terms.

About the Board of Education
The Board of Education is comprised of nine volunteer members from the community who are elected by voters to establish policy and set direction for the administration of the school district. Public Board of Education meetings are held twice monthly. The Board, which is sensitive to community needs, aspirations and available resources, encourages community participation and support for the schools.

Board Member Term Expiration Date
Michael Buono, Assistant Clerk June 30, 2026
Mark Mann June 30, 2026
Jennifer O’Brien June 30, 2025
Samantha Phillips June 30, 2027
Michele Skumurski, Deputy Treasurer June 30, 2025
Emily Steinbach, Vice President June 30, 2025
Jesse Temple, President June 30, 2026
Kimberly Turner June 30, 2027
Catherine Van Orden June 30, 2027

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