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Curriculum Writing Projects

The East Greenbush Central School District engaged in the following Curriculum Writing Projects during the spring and summer of 2017:

  • CHS ELA Life Skills Curriculum
  • Grade 3 ELA Academic Vocabulary
  • SAT Verbal Prep/ACT Exam Prep Curriculum
  • English 12 R Revisions (Addressing our At-Risk Seniors)
  • Web Page Design and Digital Media Communications Curriculum
  • Grade 6 ELA Primary Instruction Curriculum
  • 10-Day Global History and Geography Regents Exam Review Curriculum Guide
  • Global History Gap Analysis
  • CHS Guitar Course Curriculum
  • HVCC Microsoft Office Curriculum Revision
  • Grade 6 Math and AIS Re-Alignment
  • FEMA Certification into the Academy of Criminal Justice
  • Grades K-5 ELA and Mathematics Benchmark Assessment Writing (2 Benchmark Assessments per K-5 Grade Level per Subject – ELA/Mathematics)
  • Grades 3-5 Technology Integration Curriculum
  • Grade 7 Social Studies 1-to-1 Technology Device Implementation Curriculum
  • Introduction to Algebra 1B Curriculum
  • Career and Financial Management Curriculum
  • Grade 8 ELA Primary Instruction
  • 10-Day U.S. History and Government Regents Intensive Review Curriculum
  • English 9 Curriculum Update for Jumpstart and Primary Instruction
  • K-12 Digital Literacy Curriculum
  • Grade 6 Reading Skills Re-Alignment and Curriculum Development
  • CHS Computer Club Curriculum
  • Introduction to CTE – Home and Careers Curriculum for Goff MS
  • Engineering by Design Curriculum for Goff MS
  • CTE Program Approval Process (Goal: Establishing a SED Approved Business Pathway)

These curriculum initiatives were recommended to the Superintendent of Schools based on the results of a shared decision making process implemented by a sub-committee from our district’s Committee for Curriculum Study. The approved curriculum writing proposals address needs which have been identified through a structured process.

Decision making factors include but are not limited to:

  • East Greenbush Central School District’s Board of Education Goals
  • Results from Recent Program Reviews
  • NYSED Requirements, Mandates, Changes in Standards
  • New Course Proposals