Annual Notifications

The East Greenbush Central School District is required to provide certain notifications to parents/guardians on an annual basis. They are posted below for your convenience.

Academic Intervention Services (AIS) Plan

This regulation requires school districts to provide Academic Intervention Services to students who score below State proficiency levels on the Common Core and other State Assessments and/or students who are at risk of not achieving NYS Learning Standards and Common Core Learning Standards.

Annual Professional Performance Review (APPR) Plan

All school districts in New York State are required to adopt and submit to the State Education Department an Annual Professional Performance Review (APPR) plan for teachers and school principals or risk losing a portion of their state aid. APPR scores are not considered public information. However, state leaders have agreed that teachers’ and principals’ composite APPR ratings may be released to parents or guardians upon request and verification of identity, only for their child’s current teachers and principal.

Asbestos Notification

Written notice must be annually provided to parents, teachers and employee organizations of the availability of asbestos management plans, and any current or planned asbestos inspections, response actions and post-response actions.

Attendance Policy

Under New York State law, parents are responsible for their children’s regular attendance and punctuality at school. Legal reasons for absence include illness of a child, emergency illness in the family, death in the immediate family, inclement weather and religious. A written excuse stating the date and the reason for the absence should be signed by the parent/guardian.

Charging Meals and Prohibition Against Shaming

The Board of Education recognizes that on occasion, students may forget to bring meal money to school. To ensure that students do not go hungry, but also to promote responsible student behavior and minimize the fiscal burden to the district, the Board will allow students who may forget meal money to “charge” the cost of meals to be paid back at a later date subject to the terms established in District policy #8505.

Code of Conduct

Student behavior is critical to providing an environment conducive to learning each and every day. The code of conduct contains information on the range of consequences t hat may be imposed if students misbehave. This information is reviewed with students each year during the opening weeks of school.

Equal Opportunity and Nondiscrimination (Title IX and Section 504)

Educational programs in the East Greenbush Central School District, including but not limited to vocational programs, are offered without regard to actual or perceived race, color, weight, national origin, ethnic group, religion, religious practice, disability, sex; sexual orientation, or gender (including gender identity and expression). The Board of Education does not discriminate against any student, employee or applicant on the basis of race, color, national origin, creed, religion, marital status, sex, age, sexual orientation, disability or predisposing genetic characteristic. The Board of Education is committed to providing an educational and working environment that promotes respect, dignity, and equality and that is free from all forms of harassment and hazing. The district will promptly investigate all complaints of hazing and/or harassment, either formal or informal, verbal or written. Inquiries or complaints should be filed with the principal or Marissa Cannon, Title IX Officer, 29 Englewood Avenue, East Greenbush, NY, or by calling (518) 207-2526.

Free and Reduced Meals

Children from households that meet federal income guidelines are eligible for free meals or reduced price meals.

Homeless Children

The Board will provide homeless children attending the District’s schools with access to the same free and appropriate public education, including preschool education, as other children.

Influenza Information

New York State Public Health Law Section 613 requires schools to post influenza educational material, in plain view, within their facilities. That information is also provided here for your convenience.

Pesticide Notification

New York State Education Law Section 409-H, and State Education Department Commissioner’s Regulation 155.24, effective July 1, 2001, requires all public and nonpublic elementary and secondary schools to provide written notification to all persons in parental relation, faculty, and staff regarding the potential use of pesticides periodically throughout the school year.

Release of Information to the Military and Institutions of Higher Learning

Pursuant to the Every Student Succeeds Act, the school district must disclose to military recruiters and institutions of higher learning, upon request, the names, addresses and telephone numbers of high school students. The district must also notify parents of their right and the right of their child to request that the district not release such information without prior written parental consent. Parents, or students who are at least 18 years old, may exercise the option to withhold their consent to release this information by contacting the principal’s office at Columbia High School.

Reporting Child Abuse or Neglect

NYS Education Law requires all school employees report allegations of child abuse or neglect. Parents may also report allegations of child abuse. The law establishes a reporting process, as well as the required roles and responsibilities.

Smoking and Other Tobacco Use on School Grounds

Due to the health hazards associated with smoking, and in accordance with federal and state law, the Board of Education prohibits smoking and all other tobacco use in all school buildings, on school grounds, and in any vehicle used to transport children or personnel.

Student Directory Information

Under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), parents and or students who do not wish directory information (name, address, telephone number, date and place of birth, major course of study, participation in school activities or sports, weight and height if a member of an athletic team, dates of attendance, degrees and awards received, most recent school attended, grade level, photograph, e-mail address, and enrollment status) to be disclosed should notify, in writing, the Public Records Access Officer or Superintendent of Schools at: East Greenbush Central School District, Administration Center, 29 Englewood Avenue, East Greenbush, NY 12061.

Student Privacy

Pursuant to the Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment, the District must notify parents of its student privacy policy, and how it pertains to certain student surveys that may be conducted during the school year.

Student Records

Under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), students age 18 or older (and parents of students under 18) have a right to inspect and review any and all official records, files, and data directly related to their children or themselves. Parents should request access to school records in writing from the principal, guidance counselor, or Superintendent of Schools. Upon receipt of the request, arrangements will be made to provide access to the requested records within a reasonable period of time, not more than 45 days after the request has been received. Parents and students are also entitled to a hearing to challenge the content of such records. Any questions concerning the procedure to be followed in requesting such a hearing should be directed to the Superintendent.

Student records are confidential and may not be released or made available to persons other than parents or students without written consent. There are a number of exceptions to this rule, such as school employees and officials, as well as certain state and federal officials, who have a legitimate educational need for access to such records in the course of their employment.

Title I Meeting

School Parent and Family Engagement Policies must include specific provisions for schools that receive Title I funding including convening annual meetings to which all parents of participating children are invited and encouraged to attend. At these meetings parents are informed of the Title I requirements and are afforded the opportunity to be involved in the process as appropriate, offer suggestions, and participate in the decisions relating to the education of their children.

Transportation Notice for Special Busing Arrangements

The District transports children to and from their primary residence. Parents may request their child be transported to and from childcare sites within their school attendance zone or to New York State Licensed Childcare Providers anywhere within the school district boundaries. Special transportation requests must be received before April 1st for the upcoming school year. Parents of resident students in need of transportation to a private or parochial school must submit a request for transportation to non-public schools to the Transportation Department no later than April 1st for the upcoming school year. New residents to the district must submit the special request forms for daycare transportation or private/parochial school transportation within 30 days after establishing residence in the district. The district will only transport a child to their primary residence and one childcare provider. In addition, a new application for special busing arrangements must be made every year even if daycare and private school enrollment have not changed.