COVID-19 Updates and Information

The Board of Education has approved two changes to the instructional model: 1) Kindergarten students will resume five days a week of in-person learning starting on Monday, March 1. The Full Remote Program is still available to families. 2) Live Virtual Wednesdays will be eliminated for students in grades 1-5 starting March 10 to provide one additional in-person school day every other week. March 10 will be an in-person school day for B Day students and A Day students will have a remote day. The schedule will alternate going forward.

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Sport Scope Live Streaming

Parents and fans can watch live Columbia basketball games by utilizing Sport Scope live streaming. Each event costs $5.00. Instructions can be found below.



  • Visit on the day of the game
  • Click on the thumbnail preview on the main page for Columbia High School OR
  • Search for Columbia High School under the “Teams” label in the search bar


  • Mobile device (phone or tablet) with web browser (Chrome recommended)
  • Computer or a Computer with HDMI connection to TV (screen share or extension)
  • Fire Stick internet browser called Silk
  • Samsung Smart TVs work with their built-in browser
  • Not compatible with Apple TV, Roku, or when using Air Play or Screencast from a device to a TV


  • Click on the game you would like to purchase
  • Click where it says Purchase Ticket on the video screen
  • The payment window will appear asking for your email address and credit card information
  • Click Pay and you will have access to the live stream


  • I’m trying to buy my ticket in advance, but it’s not letting me. Help? You will be able to purchase your digital ticket once the live stream has started on the day of the vent. Typically we’ll go live 30-45 minutes before the scheduled start time, so try refreshing your browser closer to the start time and the “purchase ticket” icon will appear over the video player.
  • Where is my ticket code? Check your spam folder. You will have received two (2) emails: a receipt email and a ticket code email (that sometimes ends up in your spam box on first viewing)
  • I already purchased a ticket, but it’s telling me to purchase another! Simply click “redeem code” at the top of the ticket purchase window and enter the ticket code you received after your initial purchase.
  • Can I watch on multiple devices or transfer my ticket to another device? Your digital ticket code can only be used on ONE (1) device at a time. You are able to transfer your ticket code to another device, but it will time you out on the initial device you were watching on.
  • The picture froze or I’m getting spinning circle, help? Simply refresh your browser! Similar to other video players, if you experience what appears to be a frozen screen or you’ve lost your connection, just refresh your browser. See the steps above if it prompts you to purchase another ticket (redeem code).

Contact the Sport Scope Live Support Team at