Reopening Our Schools

The East Greenbush CSD has formed a School Opening Task Force to develop plans to help safely reopen schools in the fall. As we develop reopening plans for submission to the state, our priorities will be the health and safety of all students and staff and the academic and social emotional needs of our students.

Preliminary Reopening Plan | NYS Reopening Guidance | COVID-19 Updates

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Columbia Basic School Supply List

Because class dynamics may vary significantly in high school, please note that students will receive a separate supply list from each classroom teacher on the first day of classes. Below is a suggested basic list of supplies for those who wish to purchase items in advance:

  • Spiral bound notebooks
  • Flash drives
  • Pocket folders (pockets in the bottom)
  • Student Planner/Agenda
  • Composition notebooks
  • Graphing calculator (recommending one of the Texas Instruments TI-84 Graphics Calculator models)
  • Graphing paper
  • Pens/Pencils/Colored pencils
  • Highlighter pens
  • Sneakers and clothing specifically for gym
  • Lock for gym locker (strongly recommended)
  • Pencil case
  • 1-Inch three-ring binders
  • Loose-leaf paper
  • Backpack
  • Tissues (donations are gratefully accepted)