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Courses with College Credits

Columbia High School offers 27 courses with college credit attached to them. Taking high school classes for college credit can boost college admission chances, give families good value for college credit and it is a significant indicator of college and career readiness.

The courses for college credit are taught at Columbia during the regular school day and the college credits are approved through Hudson Valley Community College, Schenectady County Community College, Siena College, SUNY Albany and SUNY Oswego. The credits are highly transferable throughout the SUNY system, and may be accepted at other public or private colleges.

To earn college credit, a student must:

  • Submit college credit registration
  • Pay fee of $55 per credit hour ($175 for three credits of German)
  • Earn a passing grade in the course

Students and parents who are interested in college credit courses at Columbia should speak with a school counselor about registration, cost and how college credits transfer.

Please see below for a list of classes at Columbia that can be taken for college credit.

Career and Technical Education:

  • BADM 200: Business Communications (HVCC/3 Credits), Donna Shepardson
  • ENTR 110: Entrepreneurship (HVCC/3 Credits), Donna Shepardson
  • MRTG 120: Marketing Essentials (HVCC/3 Credits), Donna Shepardson
  • CISS 105: IT Essentials (HVCC/3 Credits), Katrina Gruet
  • CMPT 1BADM 207: Organization & Management (HVCC/3 Credits), Donna Shepardson
  • CM01: Personal Computer Concepts & Applications I (HVCC/3 Credits), Katrina Gruet
  • OB 119: Personal Finance (HVCC/3 Credits), Katrina Gruet and Donna Shepardson


  • Introduction to Literature (Siena College/3 Credits), Emily Shatraw

Foreign Language:

  • FREN 200: French Language and Culture III (HVCC/3 Credits), Patricia Hannmann
  • FREN 201: French Language and Culture IV (HVCC/3 Credits), Patricia Hannmann
  • GER 201: Intermediate German (SUNY Oswego/3 Credits), Rune Williams
  • GER 301: Continuing Intermediate German (SUNY Oswego/3 Credits), Rune Williams
  • SPAN 200: Spanish Language and Culture III (HVCC/3 Credits), TBD
  • SPAN 201: Spanish Language and Culture IV (HVCC/3 Credits), TBD


  • MATH 135: Elementary Statistics (HVCC/3 Credits), Nancy VanOort
  • MATH 170: Pre-Calculus Algebra-Honors (HVCC/3 Credits), Gretchen Schulz
  • MATH 180: Calculus I-H AP (HVCC/4 Credits), Nancy VanOort
  • MATH 190: Calculus II-H AP (HVCC/4 Credits), Nancy VanOort
  • CSIS 100: Introduction to Computer Sciences (Siena College/3 Credits), Jessica Hladik


  • MUS 147: Music Fundamentals/Music Theory (SCCC/3 Credits), Shellie Badger


  • ACAS 109: Intermediate Science Research (SUNY Albany), Heidi Gleason
  • ACAS 110: Intermediate Methods Research (SUNY Albany), Heidi Gleason
  • ACAS 209: Advanced Science Research (SUNY Albany), Heidi Gleason
  • ACAS 210: Advanced Science Methods (SUNY Albany), Heidi Gleason

Social Studies:

  • APSY 101: Introduction to Psychology (SUNY Albany/3 Credits), Stephen Lapolla
  • PST 101: Introduction to the Analysis of Public Policy (Syracuse University/3 Credits), Kelley Sheraw


  • AEM-101 Drawing 1 – Advanced Studio Art (Russell Sage College), Valerie Gordon