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BRAC / Long Range Facilities Planning 

Purpose Statement

Study issues and gather information associated with the District’s grounds and facilities, make recommendations to the Board of Education for improvements including maintenance, renovations and future capital projects. 

Engage parents, employees and the community input into the process for studying, developing and gaining support for future capital project referendums.

Develop facilities plans which align with the educational goals of the District and all applicable state and federal health and safety requirements.

2023-24 Meeting Schedule

Date Time Location Agenda/Minutes
Monday, January 30, 2024 7:00 p.m. Central Admin Minutes


  • Wayne Pratt, Chairperson and Community Member
  • Jeffrey Simons, Superintendent
  • Michael Buono, Board President 
  • Cheryl Kennedy, Board Member
  • Jesse Temple, Board Member 
  • Emily Steinbach, Board Member Alternate
  • Jennifer Mulligan, Director of Business and Finance
  • Paul Bickel, Director of Facilities 
  • Ryan Jones, Athletics Director 
  • Frank Asenbauer, Maintenance
  • Alison Hosier, East Greenbush Teachers Association
  • Steven M. Wickman, MARCH Associates 
  • Tom Sirianni, Project Manager, Sano-Rubin Construction
  • Nobulee Burgess, Community Member
  • Ingrid Espinosa, Community Member
  • Bill Jeffers, Community Member
  • Janet Lento, Community Member
  • Anthony Lento, Community Member
  • Alison Gaito, Community Member
  • Ed Finney, Community Member
  • Sarah White, Community Member