Winter Recess

All schools will be closed for Winter Recess starting Monday, February 19 through Friday, February 23.

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Facility Use FAQ

Requesting Use

How do I make a request to use school facilities?

  • Forms can be downloaded here
  • Forms are also available at the main office of each school building and the buildings and grounds office in the Genet administration center.
  • Completely fill out the forms and submit in a timely fashion. It’s suggested that groups submit paperwork at least one month prior to their event.
  • Provide proof of adequate insurance at least 10 days prior to the requested date of use.
  • Contact Angela Rumsey at 207-2521 with any questions.

How long does it take to get a response to a request to use facilities?
It depends on the nature of your request but groups can expect to hear back within two weeks.

Do certain groups receive priority over others for building use?
Yes, school groups do receive priority. This includes building meetings, board meetings, PTO’s and clubs and athletic teams associated with/sponsored by the school district.

My event was scheduled, but later cancelled for an athletic event, is this right?
Yes, school groups receive priority scheduling even if your group has been approved for building use. Occasionally, school events must be rescheduled due to inclement weather or other reasons. Your group will be contacted by the Buildings and Grounds Office if there is a need to reschedule your planned event.

Why does a building use request get rejected?
Applications may be rejected for the following reasons:

  1. Application not fully completed.
  2. Misrepresenting information on an application.
  3. Lack of acceptable insurance certificate.
  4. Non-permitted use of school facilities.
  5. Conflict with existing school events.
  6. Request for dates during a holiday break or other scheduled closing.
  7. Previous damage to school property.
  8. Unpaid bill for the use of facilities.

Are there any dates when the district does not permit or grant building use?
Yes, East Greenbush Central School District does not permit facility or field use when school buildings are closed during holidays and school recess dates. Please check with Buildings and Grounds or click here for a listing of dates.

Why does the application require a designated contact for each group?
Each community group must name one individual, known as the group contact person, to assume responsibility for the scheduling of activities, communication with school district and group members, the conduct of group members, the proper use of school property and the payment of fees.

This individual is responsible for supervising any children under the age of 18 and reporting any damage to the maintenance department (during the event). This person is also the contact in case of emergency, if questions arise or the event needs to be cancelled because of a conflict.

Will I receive a key to the building?
No, groups will not receive keys. In conjunction with the SAVE legislation and for the safety of our students, no building’s doors should be propped open, and the group contact person must make sure that doors are properly closed after each group enters the building and after each group leaves for the night.

Can community groups use school equipment?
The use of district property shall be limited to the items listed on the application form. Any special request for the use of equipment not on this list must be approved by the building principal. Additionally, community groups are required to list on its application any non-school equipment it plans to use while on school property.

Should the contact person check in with the custodian prior to the start of the event?
Yes, the contact person should check in with the custodian on duty. The contact person listed on the building use application is also responsible for advising the custodian on any problems or issues that may arise.

Are there any activities not allowed at school?
Yes, there is no smoking or drinking permitted on school grounds. Please see Board Policy 1500.1-R for a list of prohibited behaviors.

Does the Code of Conduct apply to the use of facilities?
Yes, the district’s Code of Conduct applies to all visitors at all school buildings and at school-related functions off-site. This includes all buildings, classrooms, fields, and district vehicles such as school buses. Penalties, including dismissal from school grounds, may be imposed for not following the district’s Code of Conduct.

Facility Use Fee

Is there a fee to use school facilities?
Yes, the fee schedule depends on the facility and time period requested. Click here for the fee schedule.

Why does the school district charge for use?
East Greenbush Central School District welcomes the school community to use its facilities, as permitted by law. However, when school groups use its facilities (in addition to the district’s clubs and sports), the district incurs additional costs such as heat, electricity, custodial overtime, etc. By charging a fee, the school district offsets these costs for non-school related programs.

Does the school district have legal authority to charge fees?
Yes, Education Law provides that a school board “may adopt reasonable regulations for the use of its buildings and grounds, including a schedule of fees as prescribed by such regulations.”

Is there a charge for cancellation?
Yes, there are no refunds of the pre-paid facility fee for cancellation by the community group.

When must fees be paid?
Fees must be paid in full two weeks prior to the scheduled event.

Why does the school district require insurance?
East Greenbush Central School District requires outside groups to provide evidence of insurance coverage, at least 10 days prior to the event, as a condition of the use of facilities. Building users are required to provide insurance for the protection of their group and the school district against any liability or claims that may arise from use of the district’s facilities.

I understand that certain organizations are not charged a fee because they maintain the space, is this true?
Yes, an organization that fully maintains the space and pays for utilities does not pay a charge. Please note that this only applies to athletic fields, not school buildings.

Are fees established to provide the district with a profit?
No, the school district does not profit from its established fee schedule. In fact, the fees do not cover the costs of maintaining facilities. The established fee schedule is comparable to other Suburban Council school districts.

Does the district charge the custodian fee to groups when a custodian is already on duty?
No, the district only charges this fee when custodians are not scheduled to work (such as Sundays in all buildings and Saturdays at the middle school and elementary schools).

Can I get an estimate of what my facility use will cost?
Yes, please contact Angela Rumsey in the Facilities Department at 518-207-2521.

Fee Schedule Change

When was the new fee schedule approved?
It was approved at the April 21, 2009 Board Meeting.

Who developed the new fee schedule?
The School Community Committee developed the fee schedule in consultation with the Superintendent of Schools and Athletic Director. Four Board members participated on this committee.

What was the basis for the new fee schedule?
The School Community Committee reviewed existing fee schedules of several Suburban Council school districts. They included Averill Park, Bethlehem, North Colonie, Saratoga, Scotia-Greenville and South Colonie. The committee found that East Greenbush charges an average rate for usage compared to other districts.

Were community groups notified of this change?
Yes, the community groups that used school facilities during the previous year were notified in writing of the new fee schedule by Director of Buildings and Grounds, Paul Daley. If you did not receive this notification please contact Vicki Spring for a copy of the April 24, 2009 memo and fee schedules.

Did the school district receive any comments about the fee schedule prior to its change?
Our records indicate that no members of the public commented at the April 21, 2009 Board meeting when the fee schedule was discussed and adopted. Additionally, the district did not receive any inquiries based on its April mailing to community groups about the fee schedule or prior to its July 1, 2009 enactment.

Can groups request a waiver to the fee schedule?
The Buildings and Grounds Department does not have the authority to grant waivers to the Board of Education-approved fee schedule. Organizations must contact the Board of Education if they are looking for modifications or reductions to the fee schedule.


Is facility use different under a contingent budget?
Yes, a contingent budget occurs when voters do not pass the budget presented by the Board of Education. In this situation, facility users are charged the actual cost of using the facility, which the district anticipates costs much more than what it currently charges for facility use.