COVID-19 Updates and Information

Grades 3-5 will return for full time in-person learning starting Monday, April 26, which will fully reopen all elementary schools. The K-12 Full Remote program will still be available to families who choose that option. Due to state regulations, Columbia and Goff will remain in the Hybrid Model at this time. The East Greenbush CSD will continue to evaluate options for Columbia and Goff students to receive increased in-person learning at 6 feet social distancing where possible.

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Bell Top Bus Routes

Bus routes for Bell Top Elementary School are listed in the drop down menu below. View 2020-21 Bell Top Bus Routes (PDF).


Left Jordan Rd
First Stop @ Cr of Jordan Point Rd
Left Bloomingrove Dr
Left Winter St Ext
Right Birch St
Right Sylvan Ln
Right Park Dr
Left Winter St Ext
Right N Waldron La
Continue left On Waldron La
Follow Around – Becomes Phillip St
Right Winter St Ext
Right Crimson Circle
Follow Circle around to the Right
Left Winter St Ext
Left Diamond Ave
Left Jordan Rd
Left Reynolds Rd
Picking up to Snyders Lake Rd

Right Sliters Ln
Right Snyders Lake Rd
Left 2nd Indian Pipe Dr
Right Tansy Ct—around cul de sac
Right Indian Pipe Dr
Left Shepherds Needle—around cul de sac
Left Indian Pipe Dr
Right Snyders Lake Rd
Right Geneva Blvd
Continue right Geneva Blvd
Left Matterhorn Dr
Right Geneva Blvd
Right Matterhorn Dr
Left Geneva Blvd
Right Ruffinen Dr
Right Snyders Lake Rd
Right Zelenke Dr
Left Lossoe Dr
Right S Waldron Ln
Left Audrey Ln
Left S Waldron Ln
Right Lossoe Dr
Right Zelenke Dr
Right Snyders Lake Rd
Picking up to Lape Rd

Right Morner Rd
Back right Best Rd
Left Red Oak Ln
Right Scythe Tree Ln
Left Red Oak La
Back left Best Rd
Right St Hwy 43
Right Van Leuvan Dr S
Right Van Winkle Dr
Left Van Leuven Dr S
Right St Hwy 43
Right Van Dyke Dr S
Left Van Tassell Dr
Left Brinker Dr S
Left St Hwy 43
Right Mountainview Terr
Right Brinker Dr N
Left St Hwy 43—No Stops
Left Lape Rd Next stop
Picking up to Snyders Lake Rd

Right Bloomingrove Dr
First Stop @ Cr of Douglas Ave
Right Teliska Ave
Right Clearview Terr
Left Pine St
Left Eastview Terr
Left Oak St
Left Grove St
Left Pine St—No Stops
Left Eastview Terr—No Stops
Left Teliska Ave
Right Bloomingrove Dr
Right Snyders Lake Rd
Right Haywood Ln—continue around
Back right Snyders Lake Rd
Right Lape Rd—no stops
Left Heritage Hills Dr
Picking up to Snyders Lake Rd

Right Troy Rd
Right Glen Dr—continue Paul Art Ln
Left Wanda Ct
Left Troy Rd
Right Woodland Rd
Right Midland Rd
Right Highland Acres
Right Troy Rd
Right Valley View Blvd
Left Stonegate Apts—Stop @ Club House
Right Valley View Blvd
Right Partiridge Hill Apts Stop @ Rental Office
Right Valley View Blvd
Right Troy Rd
Right Ludlow Lanr
Stop @ Cr of Oak Hill Circle & Ludlow La
Turnaround—Back Right Troy Rd
Back St Hwy 43 Picking up to Brinker Dr

Right North Rd
—Turnaround at End
Back North Rd
Right Birchwood Hills Dr—
Turnaround at McWood Pl
Back Birchwood Hills
Right North Rd
Left Winter St Ext—no stops
Left Bloomingrove Dr
Picking up to Snyders Lake Rd

Right Grandview Dr
Right Troy Rd
Right St Hwy 43—no stops
Right Forrest Hills Blvd—around cul de sac
Back right St Hwy 43
Turnaround at Salisbury Rd
Back left St Hwy 43
Picking up to Brinker Dr
Cross Troy Rd—Continue St Hwy 43
Right Washington Ave
Right Quay St for turnaround
Back Washington Ave Ext
Right Iowa Ave
Right California Ave—turnaround at Minnesota Ave
Back left Iowa Ave
Right Washington Ave Ext
Right into Van Allen Apts Stop @ Rental Office
Back Right Washington Ave
Picking Up To St Hwy 43