DPS Bus Routes

Bus routes for Donald P. Sutherland Elementary School are listed in the drop down menu below. View 2023-24 DPS Bus Routes (PDF).

Route 24 (8:22 AM)
Right Co Hwy 7
Left 2nd entrance Hidden Pond Rd
Back left Co Hwy 7
Right Best Rd
Left Nantasket Rd
Turnaround at Cold Spring Ave
Back Right Best Rd
Right Co Hwy 7
Left Rosencrans Ave
Left Columbia Ave
Left Washington Ave
Left Co Hwy 7
Picking up to Elm St

Route 30 (8:28 AM)
Left Alice Dr
First Stop @ the mailboxes—Turnaround
Left Krouner Rd
Right Nassau Averill Park Rd
Right Lakeshore Circle Dr
Stay To Right At Fork –
Continue on to stop sign – Turn Right
Right Lakeshore Circle Dr Ext
Right Nassau Averill Park Rd – to Lake Ave
Left Elm St
Cross US Hwy 20 onto Chatham St
Left Kaunameek St
Left Malden St
Right US Hwy 20
Left Phillips St
Left Tremont St
Back Right Us Hwy 20 (Church St)
Picking up to Elm St

Route 31 (8:27 AM)
Left Schoolhouse Rd
Right Lowree Rd
Left US Hwy 20
Right McClellan Rd
Left Waterbury Rd
Turnaround @ Sweets Crossing Rd
Right McClellan Rd
Right US Hwy 20
Right Chatham St
Right Sweets Crossing
Right Rudat Rd
Left Cherry Ln
Left Mapleview Ave
Left Sweets Crossing
Left St Hwy 203
Left on US Hwy 20
Left John St
Right Richards Dr
Right Maple Ave
Left Westbrook Dr
Picking up to Kosey St

Route 33 (8:16 AM)
Right Saddle Club Hill Dr
Back left St Hwy 150
Right Edinburgh Dr
Continue around cul de sac
Right St Hwy 150—no stops
Left Poyneer Rd
Left Silverbridge Rd—Turnaround
Back right Poyneer Rd
Left Beaver Rd
Left Rohloff Rd
Left Schoolhouse Rd
Right New Rd
Picking up US Hwy 20

Route 53 (8:17 AM)
US Hwy 20
Left Beaver Rd
Turnaround @ Rohloff Rd
Right US Hwy 20
Left Dover Ln—Turnaround
Right US Hwy 20
Right Mountain View Rd
Right Shufelt Rd – Turnaround
Right US Hwy 20
Right Bunker Hill Rd
Right Concord Dr S
Left Pine Dr S – Turnaround
Right Concord Dr S
Right Bunker Hill Rd
Left Wood Ln
Left McClellan Rd
Picking up to US Hwy 20

Route 55 (8:15 AM)
Church St
Left Lyons Lake Rd
Continue Left onto Lyons Lake Rd
Left Coldwater Tavern Rd
Left Sherwood Acres Rd—turnaround
Back Left Coldwater Tavern Rd
Right Lords Hill Rd
Turnaround at $72
Back Lords Hill Rd
Right Cold Water Tavern Rd
Right US Hwy 20
Left Jefferson Hill Ln
Back Right Jefferson Hill Ln
Left US Hwy 20
Picking up to Lyons Lake Rd

Route 60 (8:30AM)
Left Hoags Corners Rd
Left Boyce Rd
Right Berzin Rd—Continue Mead Rd
Left Nassau-Averill Park Rd
Right Krouner Rd
Left Boyce rd
Left Morey Park Rd
Back left Boyce Rd
Left Co Hwy 7 (no stops)
Continue Elm St (no stops)
Left US Hwy 20 (no stops)
Left Pine Tree Apts
Picking up to US Hwy 20

Route 62 (8:23 AM)
Left Dusenberry Hill Rd
Right Curtis Ridge Rd
Right Dusenberry Hill Rd
Back Right Bliss Schoolhouse Rd
Left US Hwy 20
Left Barnes Hill Rd—Turnaround
Back Right US Hwy 20
Left Jefferson Hill Rd
Right Malden Bridge Rd
Picking up to Kaunemeek St