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Genet Bus Routes

Bus routes for Genet Elementary School are listed in the drop down menu below. View PDF.


Right Mannix Rd First Stop @ #111
Right Lashway La—around Cul De Sac
Back Right Mannix Rd
Left Best R
Left Red Oak Ln—continue around
Back right Best Rd
Right Avian Dr
Left Thrush Terr
Right Avian Dr
Right Best Rd
Left Craver Rd
Left Louis Dr—around cul de sac
Back left Craver Rd
Left Crestview Dr—around cul de sac
Back Left Craver Rd
Left Old Best Rd—turnaround at #431
Back Old Best Rd
Right Woods Edge La—around cul de sac
Right Old Best Rd
Right Best Rd
Left Werking Rd
Picking up to Luther Rd

Right Woodlawn Ave First Stop @ #27
Turnaround at end of road
Right 3rd Ave Ext
Right Plaza Ave
Right Capitol Pl
Left Rockefeller Blvd
Right Capital Pl
Right Rockefeller Blvd
Right 3rd Ave Ext
Right Rosebud Ct—around cul de sac
Back right 3rd Ave Ext—no stops
Left Barracks Rd
Right Sherwood Ave
Left Columbia Tpke
Right Phillips Rd—no stops
Left Grant Ave
Right Adams Ave
Left Parkview Dr
Left Jefferson Ave
Picking up to Phillips Rd

Right Phillips Rd First Stop @ #2604
Cross Hays Rd
Continue Phillips Rd
Left Arizona Ave
Left Corliss Ave
Left Michigan Ave
Right Cooper Ave
Right Oregon Ave
Left Corliss Ave
Left Delaware Ave
Right Donnelly Dr
Right Denise Ct
Left Cooper Ave
Left Michele Dr
Left Start Ave
Left Phillips Rd
Picking up to Columbia Tpke

Right Troy Rd First Stop @ #42
Right Mill Creek Dr 2nd Entrance
Stop @ the tree with 10mph sign
Right Troy Rd
Right Glaz St
Right Paul St
Left Luther Rd
Right Donna Lynn Dr
Right Commons Dr
Right Troy Rd
Left Couse Pl
Left Old Red Mill Rd
Left Kitty Ln—turnaround
Back Right Old Red Mill Rd
Right Couse Pl
Right Troy Rd
Right Pittsfield Ave
Right Old Troy Rd
Back right Troy Rd
Picking up to Genet

Right Ternan Ave First Stop @ #37
Right Gilligan Rd
Left Hays Rd
Right Janine Dr
Right Kriss Krossing
Right Hays Rd
Left Columbia Tpke
Right Elmwood Dr
Left Park Dr
Right Pointview Dr—left into 1st Cul De Sac
Continue onto Highland Dr
Left Berkshire Dr
Right Pointview Dr
Right Evergreen Way
Right Tamarack Ln
Right Greenwood Dr
Picking up to Columbia Tpke

Left Luther Rd First Stop @ #935
Right Park Ridge Dr
Continue right Park Ridge Dr
Right East Vale Ct
Back right Park Ridge Dr
Left Luther Rd
Right Moore Rd
Right Luther Rd
Right Budd La—around 2nd cul de sac
Back Right Luther Rd
Right Brookhaven La—around cul de sac
Back right Luther Rd
Left Michael Rd
Right Elliot Rd—no Stops
Right Englewood Ave Picking up to Genet

Left Columbia Tpke First Stop @ #664
Left Greenwood Dr
Right Horizon View Dr
Right Horizon View Dr W
Right Columbia Tpke
Right Electric Ave
Left Alva St
Right Greenwood Dr
Left Johnny Pl
Right Boncroft Dr
Left Johnny Pl
Left Greenwood Dr—continue into Huntswood
Right Pineview La—around Cul-De-Sac
Right Huntswood La
Left Kristen Ct—around cul de sac
Back left Huntswood La
Left Jodon Dr—around Cul de sac
Back left Huntswood Dr
Picking up to Elliot Rd

Left Rock Rose Dr
First Stop @ #1, #19, #29
Stop @ Cr of Windsor Crossing
Right Windsor Crossing
Stop @ Cr of Forrest Point
Right Forrest Point Dr
Stop @ Across from from Garages and Rental Office
Continue Back Down Hill
Left Columbia Tpke
Left Old Troy Rd
Picking up to Pittsfield Ave

Left Elliot Rd First Stop @ #20
Right Town Park Rd
Right Hallenbeck Hill—around cul de sac
Back left Town Park Rd
Left Elliot Rd
Right New Rd
Left Morgan Rd
Right Luther Rd – No Stops
Right New Rd
Left Spruce Run To The End—Turnaround
Right New Rd
Right Luther Rd – No Stops
Right Ponderosa Blvd—around Cul De Sac
Back right Luther Rd
Right Elliot Rd
Left Albany Pl—Continue onto Tamarack Ln
Left Chinquapin Dr
Left Pointview Dr
Back right Albany Pl
Right Hall St
Left Highview Pl
Left Elliot Rd
Right Iroquois Pl
Picking up to Troy Rd