East Greenbush CSD Voters Approve School Budget and Capital Project

East Greenbush Central School District residents approved the proposed school budget for 2024-25 earlier today, as well as a $116 million capital project and the purchase of eight new school buses with the highest voter turnout since 2017 (excluding mail in vote of 2020).

Vote Results

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Green Meadow Bus Routes

Bus routes for Green Meadow Elementary School are listed in the drop down menu below. View 2023-24 Green Meadow Bus Routes (PDF).

Route 6 (8:20 AM)
Left Hays Rd
Left at Firehouse
Left Columbia Tpke
Right Hays Rd
Right Rugby Rd
Left Petalas Dr
Right Hays Rd
Left Katelyn Pl
Right Lori Dr
Left Janine Dr
Left Emily Dr
Right Katelyn Pl
Right Taylor Dr
Right Janine Dr
Left Emily Dr
Right Tamara Ct
Left Janine Dr
Right Hays Rd
Right Bloomingdale Ave
Picking up to Hays Rd

Route 9 (8:01 AM)
Left St Hwy 150
Turnaround at Fire Dept
Back right St Hwy 150
Right Sharon Ln
Right Hillview St
Right Hy Dr—Around cul de sac
Back right Sharon Ln
Right St Hwy 150
Right Payne Rd
Right Hunt Club Dr
Left Steeple Chase Ln
Back right Payne Rd
Right Reno Rd
Right Miller Rd
Right Carville La
Continue Collins Rd
Right Luther Rd
Left Timberledge—turnaround
Right Luther Rd
Left Miller Rd—Picking up to Columbia Tpke

Route 16 (8:12 AM)
Left Best Luther Rd
Right Best
Left St Hwy 150
Left Barnes Rd
Back left Best Rd
Left Beverly Dr—around cul De Sac
Back right Best Rd
Right Old Best Rd
Turnaround @ Fire House
Back Right Old Best Rd
Left Best Rd
Right Chamberlain Hill Rd
Left Luther Rd –no stops
Right St. Hwy 150
Left Curtis Mobile Home Park-Last Stop

Route 18 (8:22 AM)
Right Waters Rd
Left Old Miller Rd
Right Miller Rd
Left Columbia Tpke
Right Route 9
Right Richwood Dr
Right Julianne Dr
Left Star Ter
Left Richwood Dr
Right Route 9
Right Champagne Dr
Back left Route 9
Left Columbia Tpke
Left St Hwy 150
Right Lauster Ter –around cul de sac
Back Lauster Ter
Right St Hwy 150
Right N Old Post
Left Bellwood La – around cul de sac
Picking up to N Old Post Rd

Route 28 (8:15 AM)
Left St Hwy 150
Left Luther Rd
Right Rolling Ridge Dr
Right Timberland Dr—Turnaround at top of Hill
Left Luther Rd
Right St Hwy 150
Right Palmer Rd
Left Thoroughbred Dr—around cul De Sac
Left Palmer Rd
Left Carriage Dr—around cul De Sac
Left Palmer Rd
Left Miller Rd—No Stops
Left Columbia Tpke—No Stops
Right Schuurman Rd
Left 1st Prestwick Dr
Right Schuuman Rd
Picking up to Green Meadow

Route 29 (8:20AM)
Right Brookview Rd
Left Springhurst Dr
Left Springhurst Dr N
Back left Brookview Rd
Right Hydor Dr – around cul de sac
Right Brookview Rd
Left Doelner Ln
Left Doelner Cir—continue around
Back left Brookview Rd
Left Sunset Rd
Right Briarwood Dr
Right Huckleberry Dr
Left Bayberry Dr
Left Briarwood Dr
Right Partridge Dr
Left 1st Fawn Ridge
Left Partridge Dr
Continue Briarwood Dr
Right Sunset Rd—Picking up to Columbia Tpke

Route 35 (8:30AM)
Columbia Tpke First Stop @ Cr of Krug Rd
Right Horizonview Dr
Left Coventry Ln—Make one stop @ Rental Office
Back Right Horizonview Dr
Right Columbia Tpke
Stop @ Greenbush Station Apts
Right Van Buren Ave –around cul de sac
Right Columbia Tpke
Right Middlesex Rd
Left Birchwood Dr – turnaround
Back Right Middlesex Rd
Right Columbia Tpke
Right Inglewood Dr
Right Pinewood Ave
Right Maple Ridge Ave
Right Inglewood Ave
Left Timberledge Rd
Left Bri Lan Ave
Right Columbia Tpke—Picking up to Schuurman Rd