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Red Mill Bus Routes

Bus routes for Red Mill Elementary School are listed in the drop down menu below. View PDF.


Left Red Mill Rd First Stop @ Cr of Eileen Dr
Left Aiken Ave
Left Fairlawn Ave
Left Red Mill Rd
Right High St
Right 3rd Ave Ext
Right Hillcrest Ln
Right Pauline Ct
Back left 3rd Ave Ext
Right Eddy Ln
Left Valley View Ave
Left Malibu Hill
Left 3rd Ave Ext
Right Barracks Rd—continue Red Mill Rd
Left 2nd Robin Ln
Right Mill Run
Right Deer Run
Left Valentine Dr
Left Mill Run
Right Robin La
Picking up to Red Mill Rd
Left Red Mill Rd
Right Eastern Ave—no stops
Right Hampton Ave—no stops
Right McCullough Pl—no stops
Last stops @ Corners of Tampa Ave & Pinehurst Ave

Left Columbia Tpke
Left Hillview Dr First Stop @ #3
Right Acorn Ave
Right Riverview Terr
Right 2nd St
Right Hillview Ave
Left Acorn Ave
Right Brook St
Right Birch Ln—continue Lona Ln
Continue Railroad Ave
Left Orchard Ave—continue Moulds Ave
Left Birch St
Left Cliffe Ave
Left Arcadia Ave
Left Orchard Ave—continue Moulds Ave
Right Birch St—continue Neptune St
Left Prospect Heights Ave
Left Acorn Ave
Right Chestnut Ct
Left View St
Right Hillview Ave
Right Columbia Tpke—no stops
Left Hampton Ave picking up to St Claire Ave

Left Columbia Tpke First Stop @ #167
Turnaround at Route 9J
Back Columbia Tpke
Right Barber Dr
Left Celeste Dr
Turnaround At Honey-B Ct
Left Celeste Dr
Right Daniel St
Right Barber Dr
Right Columbia Tpke
Picking up to Stewarts

Right Ridge Rd First Stop @ #896
Left Alpine St
Right Linden Ave
Right Neptune St
Left Ridge Rd
Left Manistee St
Left Prospect Heights Ave
Left Neptune St
Left Ridge Rd
Right Pine St
Right Orchard St
Right Poplar St
Right Ridge Rd
Picking up to Columbia Tpke

Left into Stonegate Apts First Stop @ Club House
Back right Valley View Dr Stop @ entrance to Partridge Hill
Right Troy Rd
Right Ludlow Ln Stop @ entrance to Oak Hill—turnaround
Back right Troy Rd
Right St Hwy 43
Right Washington Ave Ext
Right Lindberg Ave
Left Park Ave
Left Lakeview Ave
Left Washington Ave
Right Iowa Ave—turnaround at California Ave
Back Right Washington Ave
Right into Van Allen Apts Stop @ Rental Office
Back right Washington Ave
Right Bloomingrove Dr
Right Troy Rd
Right 3rd Ave Ext
Right Woodlawn Ave—around cul de sac
Back right 3rd Ave Ext
Right Rockefeller Blvd to the end
Left Capitol Pl
Right Rockefeller Blvd
Right 3rd Ave Ext
Right Rosebud Cr—around cul de sac
Right 3rd Ave Ext
Right Cobblers Ln
Left Tanners Ln
Left Fiddlers Ln
Left 3rd Ave Ext
Left Cedar Crest Dr
Right Redwood Ct
Picking up to 3rd Ave Ext

First Stop @ #323 Hampton Ave
Right Summit Ave
Right Sunset Ave
Right Eastern Ave
Right Hudson Ave
Left Summit ave—Turnaround at Maryland Ave
Back Summit Ave
Left Hampton Ave Picking up to Dailey Pl
Left Western Ave next stop @ Cr of Mohawk Ave
Left Madison Ave W
Right Lakeshore Dr
Continue around Lakeshore Dr
Continue to Park Ave
Right Hudson Ave East
Picking up to Hampton Ave

Left Stock Ln
Right Betty Anne Dr First Stop @ Cr of McDonald Ln
Left McDonald Ln
Left Christina Dr
Left Stock Ln
Cross Red Mill Rd—continue Robert La
Left Lois La
Right Alice La—around cul de Sac
Right Siena Ln—around cul de sac
Right Alice Ln
Right Lois La
Right Rose La —around cul de sac
Right Robert La
Right Red Mill Rd
Right Flora Cir – around cul de sac
Left Red Mill Rd
Picking up to Eastern Ave

Right Sherwood Ave
First Stop @ Cr of New Hampshire Ave at 8:45 Am
Picking up to Columbia Tpke