Students in 7th and 8th grades may tryout for Columbia-level athletic teams (freshman, JV, varsity) as long as they’ve met the physical fitness requirements.

Sports Modified Grades 7 & 8

Boys’ Modified Soccer Girls’ Modified Soccer
Boys’ Indoor Track Girls’ Indoor Track
Boys’ Outdoor Track Girls’ Outdoor Track
Boys’ Modified Baseball Girls’ Modified Softball
Boys’ Modified Basketball Girls’ Modified Basketball
Boys’ Modified Lacrosse Girls’ Modified Lacrosse
Boys’ Modified Football Girls’ Modified Volleyball
Boys’ Modified Wrestling Girls’ Modified Field Hockey
Boys’ JV Tennis Girls’ JV Tennis

All students may participate in intramural activities, which are offered after school.

Fall Intramurals
Co-Ed Girls Boys
Golf Field Hockey Flag Football
Running Lacrosse Fitness/Weight Training
Flag Football
Fitness/Weight Training
Winter Intramurals
Co-Ed Girls Boys
Fitness/Weight Training Basketball Basketball
Volleyball Fitness/Weight Training Fitness/Weight Training
Line Dance
Spring Intramurals
Co-Ed Girls Boys
Running Fitness/Weight Training Fitness/Weight Training