Programs and Services


As counselors we work closely with families, teachers and other school staff, and outside providers in the following ways:

  • Coordinate efforts with the school social worker, school psychologists, and CSE on behalf of the students
  • Coordinate referrals to school and community resources
  • Facilitate parent/teacher communication
  • Provide advice on behavior interventions for parents and teachers
  • Develop strategies with teachers and parents for at-risk students
  • Coordinate student groups based on student needs

Ongoing Guidance Activities Grades 6-12

  • Register and Orient New Students
  • Crisis Counseling
  • Outside Referrals
  • Participation in IST meetings
  • 504 Management/Coordination
  • Coordinate Parent-Teacher Conferences
  • Monitor Academic Performance of Students
  • Participate in School/District Activities and Committee Meetings
  • Maintain Accurate Student Records and Academic Transcripts
  • Participation in Open House and Evening Parent Conferences


6th Grade

  • 5th Grade Visit (May of 5th grade year)
  • Orientation (August)
  • Locker Night (August)
  • Intro to Guidance Presentation (September)
  • Anti-Bullying Program (October)
  • Stress Management (April)

7th Grade

  • Career Cluster Finder (quarterly)

8th Grade

  • Strengths Explorer and SMART Goals (quarterly)
  • Scheduling for High School (February)
  • Intro to the High School (spring)
Middle School Alternative Program for 7th and 8th Grade Students
The Middle School Alternative Program (MAP) provides a unique learning environment to help guide students through an alternative education path. The program’s intention is to motivate students through positive educational experiences that will allow for personal growth, differentiated curriculum, and social and emotional supports. The MAP Program is designed to make learning an individualized approach where students will be exposed to a wide array of career-based transitional and innovative opportunities.