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Grades 3-5 will return for full time in-person learning starting Monday, April 26, which will fully reopen all elementary schools. The K-12 Full Remote program will still be available to families who choose that option. Due to state regulations, Columbia and Goff will remain in the Hybrid Model at this time. The East Greenbush CSD will continue to evaluate options for Columbia and Goff students to receive increased in-person learning at 6 feet social distancing where possible.

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Graduation Information

Columbia turf fieldColumbia High School will host Diploma Ceremonies for the Class of 2020 on Saturday, June 27 on the CHS football field. The plan, which had been developed by school administrators earlier this spring, became possible once New York State allowed outdoor, socially distanced graduation ceremonies of up to 150 people in attendance.

In order to maintain the safety of everyone involved, the school is planning to host 10 small ceremonies with 30 graduates, and their parents, at each event.

The first graduation ceremony is scheduled to start at 9:00 a.m. and each event is expected to run 30 minutes in duration. Families will receive a follow-up letter the week prior to graduation that will include the time of their child’s graduation ceremony, their parking location and a field map. The district is exploring an option to livestream the event for friends, relatives and community members who are unable to attend the event due to restrictions on large group gatherings. The school will pre-record speeches and combine this with the 10 ceremonies to provide each student with a full graduation video.

The district has been consulting with Questar BOCES and the Rensselaer County Health Department to ensure compliance with current public health guidelines.

Guidelines for Graduation Ceremony

  • Ten individual ceremonies with 30 graduates, and their parents, at each event
  • Masks must be worn by everyone in attendance at all times with the exception of the professional photographer station
  • Only two parents/legal guardians and the graduate will be allowed on the campus
  • Graduates will be assigned parking spaces in advance and must remain in the car until directed to enter the field
  • Each ceremony will have a processional with the traditional graduation music
  • Once you have entered the field, you will be directed to your family’s assigned seating. Upon entering the field, each graduate/family will be assigned a number, and parents/guardians will be asked to sit in the corresponding seats that are labeled with the graduate’s number. For both organizational purposes for the ceremony and to maintain proper social distancing protocols, it is imperative that you remain in those seats.
  • Seats will be arranged in rows of 10 and separated every 5 yards to ensure social distancing
  • After the Pledge of Allegiance, National Anthem and a brief welcome address, each graduate will have their name read aloud, walk across a stage on the football field and receive their diploma
  • Each graduate will then have an individual photo taken at the photography station, and then they will be joined by their parents for a family photo (masks can be removed for the photos)
  • Once the photo is taken, the graduate and their parents will exit the field and return to their car
  • Graduates should depart campus immediately so the field can be prepared for the next group
  • Hand sanitizing stations will be available upon entering the football field
  • Seats and hand rails on the stage will be cleaned between each ceremony
  • School staff will help direct traffic and serve as ushers
  • East Greenbush Police Department will be present on campus to help ensure safety protocols are followed
  • The ceremony may be watched live at the following link:

FAQ: Graduation

When will students receive their cap and gowns?
Cap and gown distribution is scheduled for Friday, June 12 during locker cleanout at Columbia High School. Seniors will also be returning their chromebooks at this time.

Is there a graduation rehearsal?
No, there is no planned graduation rehearsal for this year’s ceremony.

Will students be receiving tickets for this year’s graduation?
Tickets will not be dispersed this year. Due to the state’s strict regulations for socially distanced graduation ceremonies, only the graduate and two parents/guardians are permitted on campus for this year’s diploma ceremony.

What is the length of the graduation ceremony?
Each ceremony will last approximately 30 minutes.

What should students wear under their robes?
Appropriate attire should be worn under the student’s gown. Light colored dress attire should be worn (dresses for the ladies and dress pants for the gentlemen). Students need to climb and descend stairs and appropriate footwear should be worn. Flip-flops are not appropriate and have caused students to fall down the stairs in past ceremonies.

What time do graduates and their parents need to be at Columbia High School for the graduation ceremony?
Graduates and their parents should arrive 15 minutes before the start of their assigned diploma ceremony. A letter will be sent to families the week prior to graduation.

What are the parking procedures?
Graduates will be assigned parking spaces in advance and must remain in the car until directed to enter the field.

When will students in the National Honors Society (NHS) receive their gold cords?
Students will receive their gold cords with their caps and gowns.

Graduation Ceremony Schedule

Diploma Ceremony 1 – 9:00 a.m.

  1. Arianna Foley
  2. Justin Forte
  3. Justine Fournier
  4. Madison Franklin
  5. Rowan Fredericks
  6. Thomas Freemantle
  7. Nicholas Gabriel
  8. Lauren Galkiewicz
  9. Spencer Gallagher
  10. Connor Garab and Kyle Garab
  11. Dalton Garceau
  12. Tricia Gardy
  13. Caitlyn Garrigan
  14. Andrew Gatchell
  15. Terry Gattie
  16. Emma Geisser
  17. Hailey Genito
  18. Kyle Gibson
  19. Sebastian Giovannetti
  20. Jacob Goodman
  21. Alex Gore
  22. Alaina Gosh
  23. Breanna Graf
  24. Abhinav Gudapati
  25. Victoria Guenther
  26. Christina Guilbo
  27. Christian Gunn
  28. Brett Hackel
  29. Morgan Hahn
  30. Owen Stefanko

Diploma Ceremony 2 – 9:45 a.m.

  1. Lindsey Schanz
  2. Tobey Seaburg
  3. Tyler Seaburg
  4. Blake Seaman
  5. Connor See
  6. Gavin Sessions
  7. Janel Severson
  8. Nidhi Shah
  9. Aiden Sheehy
  10. Christian Shepard
  11. Jack Shufelt
  12. Stefanie Simkins
  13. Jacob Simpson
  14. Harman Singh
  15. Emma Slawson
  16. Jacob Slovak
  17. Brandon Smith
  18. Noah Snyder
  19. Robert Solivan
  20. Kaiden Stevens
  21. Taryn Stewart
  22. Caden Stone
  23. Makayla Stoutenburg
  24. Joseph Tafur
  25. Nina Tedeschi
  26. Grace Templeton
  27. Savannah Tenace
  28. Mary Thaler
  29. Ryan Thompson

Diploma Ceremony 3 – 10:30 a.m.

  1. Sean Tierney
  2. Noah Tiley
  3. Alexandra Torelli
  4. Richard Turoski
  5. David Urena
  6. Kaitlyn Velardi
  7. Nicolas Venuti
  8. Steven Vera
  9. Lillia Walsh
  10. Emma Walters
  11. Audrey Warburton
  12. Ben Waters
  13. Emmarie Weeks
  14. Lucinda Whipple
  15. Alexis White
  16. Bailey White
  17. Karah Whitman
  18. Tyer Williams
  19. Ava Willis
  20. Trinity Wilson
  21. Robert Wiltsie
  22. Jaycee Wojcik
  23. Abigail Wyman
  24. Ariana Wynne
  25. Seana Yeates
  26. Michael Yelle
  27. Marisa Young
  28. Betul Yucedal
  29. Jenna Zurek
  30. Darcy Zwanka

Diploma Ceremony 4 – 11:15 a.m.

  1. Abagail Melaragno
  2. Jacob Memole
  3. Patrick Mertz
  4. Chris Miazga
  5. Noah Millan
  6. Samantha Miller
  7. Noah Monpoeho
  8. Colin Morrow
  9. Aden Mugrace
  10. Brandon Murray
  11. Ashley Murtagh
  12. Brianna Myers
  13. Robert Myers
  14. Julia Neal
  15. Sean Neeson
  16. Ethan Nelson
  17. Dominic Nova
  18. Amy Novak
  19. Alexis O’Brien
  20. Madison Oathout
  21. Oliver Olds
  22. Abigale Paju
  23. Arazelis Palacios
  24. Amanda Palma
  25. Montanna Palmer
  26. Adam Pangburn
  27. Justine Patricelli
  28. Kirsten Paultre
  29. Tyler Pearson
  30. William Perkins

Diploma Ceremony 5 – 12:00 p.m.

  1. Kaitlyn Hall
  2. Matthew Hansen
  3. Christopher Harris
  4. Quinn Hartzell
  5. Taylor Hatch***
  6. Emily Hawkins
  7. Sydney Helou
  8. Patrick Hempstead
  9. Tahkai Hodges
  10. Brady Hoffman
  11. Tyler Hoffman
  12. Elise Holmedal
  13. Connor Hurley
  14. Serena Iacopelli
  15. Irish Iquin
  16. Evan Jones
  17. Luz Jorge-Febrillet
  18. Shruti Kamat
  19. Joseph Karam
  20. Caitlin Kelley
  21. Ryan Kelson
  22. Chris Kenna
  23. Dylan Kenna
  24. Ellen Kerber
  25. Faristha Khan
  26. Charleigh Kilgallon
  27. Thomas Knowlton
  28. Rachel Kobilca
  29. Sam Kromer

Diploma Ceremony 6 – 4:30 p.m.

  1. Philip Brown
  2. Ryan Brown
  3. Kelly Bryant
  4. Nicole Bryant
  5. Alexis Bulan
  6. Marcus Bullock
  7. Nathaniel Burek
  8. Jamison Burke
  9. Hayden Butterfield
  10. Christian Calderon
  11. Madison Campbell
  12. Jake Carey
  13. Grace Cashman
  14. Hunter Cellery
  15. James Chamberlin
  16. Pranav Chauhan
  17. Laura Christian
  18. Isabella Cohen
  19. Zachary Coler
  20. Lindsey Conboy
  21. Megan Conklin
  22. Lindsey Connor
  23. Ella Conway
  24. Colton Cooney
  25. Heather Cooper
  26. Jarod Cramer
  27. Matthew Cramer
  28. Madison Crotty
  29. Abby Cullett
  30. Dylan Czajkowski

Diploma Ceremony 7 – 5:15 p.m.

  1. Kyle Ackerman
  2. Haley Aiken
  3. Joseph Alamprese
  4. Mason Albert
  5. Nikkita Alcombright
  6. Ryan Allen
  7. Meaghan Almon
  8. Ian Anderson
  9. Ashley Angelo
  10. Morgan Arensmeyer
  11. Timothy Baker
  12. Owen Ball
  13. Julie Bariteau
  14. Micaella Barrett
  15. Katelyn Bauer
  16. Grace Bayly
  17. Paige Bencivenga
  18. Talia Bennett
  19. Carolyn Berry
  20. Breanna Best
  21. Joshua Bissaillon
  22. Scott Blais
  23. Benjamin Bodner
  24. Alexis Bombard
  25. Christian Borey
  26. Jessica Borst
  27. Kourtney Brand
  28. Zoey Brandt
  29. Logan Brisson
  30. Grace Brody

Diploma Ceremony 8 – 6:00 p.m.

  1. Michael D’Angelo
  2. Calvin Dambrose
  3. Chad Daniels
  4. Gagan Darjee
  5. Grace Davis
  6. Filippa Dedorsson
  7. Adrianna Defeo
  8. Taylor Demers
  9. Nicholas Demizio
  10. Melody Diaz
  11. Michael Digman
  12. Jessica Dimenno
  13. Ashley Doherty
  14. Collin Dougherty
  15. Katherine Duda
  16. Tyler Dunham
  17. Angelina Dwight
  18. Haley Earing
  19. Zachary Eldred
  20. John Ely
  21. Carmen Erno
  22. Samantha Essenter
  23. Austin Fahrenkopf
  24. Morgan Fallon
  25. Abigail Farnan
  26. Juliana Fiacco
  27. Briana Figgs
  28. Sean Fila
  29. Mya File
  30. James Fish

Diploma Ceremony 9 – 6:45 p.m.

  1. Gregory Phillips
  2. Addison Phoenix
  3. Kendra Phoenix
  4. Logan Plowinske
  5. Julia Poitras
  6. Logan Poli
  7. Andrew Powell
  8. Alexander Pruett
  9. Gabriella Pugliese
  10. Harley Quinn
  11. Liat Radetsky
  12. Frank Rainville
  13. Shayda Ramsammy
  14. Nicholas Rappazzo
  15. Abigail Raymond
  16. Auria Redick
  17. Anthony Rizzo
  18. Preston Roberts
  19. Jayden Rodriguez
  20. Mariarosa Rodriguez
  21. Savanna Roehr
  22. Patrick Rohl
  23. Kason Romanowski
  24. Chesney Romer
  25. Kyra Russo
  26. Victoria Salvatore
  27. Makenna Salway
  28. Lyssandra Sanchez
  29. Spencer Savage
  30. Hannah Scarano

Diploma Ceremony 10 – 7:30 p.m.

  1. Jack LaDue
  2. Spencer Lahaie
  3. Alicia Langenbach
  4. Connor Leddick
  5. Jackson Lentz
  6. Isabelle Lewis
  7. Olivia Lombardi
  8. Schuyler Lorette
  9. Emily-Julie Lyck
  10. Maya MacDonald
  11. Isabella Maguffin
  12. Raymond Mahar
  13. Lily Mahoney
  14. Andrew Malak
  15. Aidan Malia
  16. Noelle Maloney
  17. Joshua Mann
  18. Zachary Mann
  19. Elizabeth Manning
  20. Marcus Marcella
  21. Domenico Marotta
  22. Maxwell Marte
  23. Isobel McCarty
  24. Christian McClay
  25. Jacob McCormick
  26. Garrett McDonald
  27. Jasmine McDonald
  28. Benjamin McHugh
  29. Colleen McHugh
  30. Jared Meisel