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Full Remote Plan

View the East Greenbush Central School District Full Remote Plan.


The East Greenbush Central School District recognizes the range of needs and concerns of families and the students we serve during this unprecedented time. We are proud to offer a full remote option to our students and their families and are working to ensure that the experiences of students assigned to full remote learning are of high quality, consistent with the experiences of students receiving in person learning and meet the diverse learning needs of our children including those who speak languages other than English, require special education services or have limited access to internet or other technology related concerns. Equity is a core value of our school district. The care and consistency we plan to provide as we implement the full remote option for our students will be measured by how well we meet their academic, social and emotional needs and respond to the unique needs of our families.

Parents and guardians considering the full remote option for their children are encouraged to read the following plan in detail and will be required to complete an online enrollment form and return that form to the school district no later than Friday, August 21 at 5:00 p.m. The form will be sent electronically to families. 

This timeline will enable the school district to fully schedule all of the students whose families have requested full remote learning, communicate that schedule to families and make any necessary changes in time for the first day of student instruction. 

Full Remote Option Instructional Plan:

  • Students whose parents or guardians have requested a full remote option will be assigned to teachers certified for all grade levels and subjects taught remotely. Students receiving full remote learning may not be assigned a teacher from their home school. 
  • Teachers assigned to teach remote grade levels and courses will include full-time East Greenbush District Teachers, part-time East Greenbush Teachers, certified substitute teachers and certified teachers from component school districts within the Questar III BOCES. 
  • All students will receive standards-based instruction.
  • Students will be assigned to teachers and instructional schedules will be developed for full classes or groupings of students the week of August 28. At the elementary level in grades K-5 some groupings may involve multi-grade groupings dependent upon the number of students who require remote instruction at that grade level.   
  • Live virtual instruction will occur through tools such as GoogleMeet among others and will provide direct interaction with teachers for a minimum of 10 hours per week but may vary by level. 
    • An example would be a student following a schedule of 5-7 courses in grades 9-12 may receive as much as 10-15 hours of live virtual instruction per week delivered by teachers certified to teach varying courses. 
  • An elementary student may be expected to participate in live virtual instruction for a minimum of one hour per day as learning activities may vary throughout the week including a combination of live virtual instruction, guided practice through video instruction or independent practice through completion of projects and assignments which will include deadlines for completion.
    • The following instructional resources/curriculum will be implemented:
      • EGCSD ELA Curriculum Maps
      • EGCSD Mathematics Curriculum Maps
  • K-5 elementary teachers have developed daily general instructional schedules that students will follow. These schedules will vary slightly by grade level and teachers but in general they will follow the same format:

Full Remote Option Expectations:

  • Students will be required to participate in all remote learning activities and classes and will be required to complete assignments. 
  • Attendance will be taken online.
  • Students must use a district provided device and their personal East Greenbush CSD login.
  • Virtual Classrooms will receive grade level appropriate live (synchronous) instruction with a schedule provided by your teacher. 
  • Virtual classroom norms will be established and distributed in accordance with the code of conduct. 
  • New York State Learning Standards will be addressed.
  • Staff will follow EGCSD curriculum maps for ELA, Math, Science and Social Studies. 
  • If not able to attend live instruction, a student is expected to access recorded lessons and complete assigned school work in order  to be prepared for the next day.
  • The teacher will offer office hours/ family connections. 

K-2 Full Remote Option (sample schedule)

Sample K-2 Instructional Daily Framework*
9:00-11:00 Core  Content Instruction 120 min.
11:00 – 12:00 LUNCH/RECESS60 min.
12:00 – 12:30 Office Hours/

Family Connections 

30 min.
12:30 – 1:40Core  Content Instruction 70 min.
1:40 – 2:10Office Hours/

Family Connections

30 min.
2:10 – 3:30K-2 Teacher Collaboration80 min.

Framework KEY

Core Content Instruction:

  • Live instruction including whole or small group, independent learning, scaffolded learning, extensions, specials, and related services. There will be more emphasis on small group K-2 for developmental appropriateness. 
  • Core subjects include ELA and Mathematics. Cross curricular will occur with science and social studies.
  • Attendance will be taken

Office Hour: 

  • Teachers are available to offer additional support and answer questions about assignments or expectations as needed.

Family Connections: 

  • Staff may hold meetings with families and caregivers 

Grade 3-5 Full Remote Option (sample schedule)

Sample 3-5 Instructional Daily Framework*
9:00-9:30Morning Routine30 min
9:30-11:30Core Instruction120 min
11:30-12:30Lunch/Recess60 min
12:30-1:40Core Instruction     70 min
1:40-2:10Office Hour/ Family  Connections30 min
2:10-3:30 3-5 Teacher Collaboration80 min

Framework KEY

Morning Routine:

  • Check in to google classroom, answer attendance questions, complete readiness tasks for the day’s learning.

Core Content Instruction:

  • Live instruction including whole or small group, independent learning, scaffolded learning, extensions, specials and related services. 
  • Core subjects include ELA and Mathematics. Cross curricular will occur with science and social studies.

Office Hour: 

  • Teachers are available to offer additional support and answer questions about assignments or expectations as needed.  

Family Connections: 

  • Staff may hold meetings with families and caregivers.

Curriculum Maps will provide both remote teachers and parents with a guide to the topics which will be taught within each subject and grade level. Here is an example for K-5 Science:

NGSS EGCSD Units of Instruction


*Grade level standards are hyper linked


– PS


– LS

KINDERGARTENMatter and its interactions – chemistry

*late fall

Interdependent Relationships in Ecosystems- Animals, Plants, and their Environment **


Weather and climate

 *late winter/early spring

Forces and interactions


*early winter

GRADE 1Waves: Light and Sound

*early winter

Structure, Function and information processing


*late winter/spring

Space Systems: Patterns and Cycles


GRADE 2Chemistry: Structure and properties of Matter – an Intro to Chemical Reactions


Interdependent Relationships in Ecosystems



Earth’s Systems – processes that shape the earth 


GRADE 3Forces and Interactions


Interdependent Relationships in Ecosystems


Weather and Climate



Inheritance and variation of traits – life cycles *LS



*as of 8/2020 – last administration of old NYS Science Assessment



Structure, function and information processing

*Light component – *PS


Earth Systems – processes that shape the earth



Waves and information *PS


*late spring


*as of 8/2020 – first administration of NGSS – NYSLSS Science Assessment in Spring 2023

Chemistry – Structure, and properties of matter


3rd *late winter/early spring

Matter and energy in organisms and ecosystems

1st *Section 1- early fall

4th *Section 2 early spring

6th *Section 3 – 4 extensive – late spring

Earth Systems

5th *late spring

Space Systems – -stars in the solar system


2nd *late fall/winter

EGCSD Units of Instruction in social studies

        • K-5 Geography
        • K-5 Culture
        • K-5 Economics
  • GoogleClassroom will be the standard platform through which teachers will establish remote classes, post assignments and provide communications to parents and guardians. Other technology tools will be utilized with students assigned to full remote instruction including:
    • Screencastify
    • Google Classroom 
    • SeeSaw
    • Reflex Math
    • NearPod
    • Newsela
    • Kahoot
    • Remind, for communicating with students, collecting assignments, and distributing education material.
  • Remote Learning activities could also include reading, projects, skill practice, reflection journaling, exercise, etc. 
  • Elementary Websites 

Grades 6-12

Students at the middle school and high school level assigned to full remote instruction will follow a typical instructional schedule to include up to 8/9 instructional periods depending on the number of courses chosen or assigned:

Goff Middle School (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday)

  • Period 1: 7:58 am to 8:40 am
  • Period 2: 8:43 am to 9:25 am
  • Period 3: 9:28 am to 10:10 am
  • Period 4: 10:13 am to 10:55 am
  • Period 5: 10:58 am to 11:40 am
  • Period 6: 11:43 am to 12:24 pm
  • Period 7: 12:27 pm to 1:09 pm
  • Period 8: 1:12 pm  to 1:54 pm
  • Period 9: 1:57 pm to 2:40 pm

Goff Middle School (Wednesday)

  • Period 1: 9:57 am to 10:25 am
  • Period 2: 10:28 am to 10:56 am
  • Period 3: 10:59 am to 11:27 am
  • Period 4: 11:30 am to 11:58 am
  • Period 5: 12:01 pm to 12:29 pm
  • Period 6: 12:32 pm to 1:00 pm
  • Period 7: 1:03 pm to 1:31 pm
  • Period 8: 1:34 pm to 2:02 pm
  • Period 9: 2:05 pm to 2:33 pm

Columbia High School (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday)

  • Period 1 7:25 am – 8:10 am
  • Period 2 8:15 am – 9:00 am
  • Period 3 9:05 am – 9:50 am
  • Period 4 9:55 am – 10:40 am
  • Period 5 10:45 am – 11:30 am
  • Period 6 11:35 am -12:20 pm
  • Period 7 12:25 pm – 1:10 pm
  • Period 8 1:15 pm – 2:03 pm

Columbia High School (Wednesday)

  • Period 1: 9:20 am to 9:51 am
  • Period 2: 9:56 am to 10:27 am
  • Period 3: 10:32 am to 11:02 am
  • Period 4: 11:07 am to 11:38 am
  • Period 5: 11:43 am to 12:14 pm
  • Period 6: 12:19 pm to 12:49 pm
  • Period 7: 12:54 pm to 1:25 pm
  • Period 8: 1:30 pm to 2:00 pm

At the grade 6-12 level period-by-period attendance will be taken for all students assigned to full remote instruction. 

In all cases,there may be some unique circumstances for students which may require an individualized schedule which varies from the 8 or 9 period day. Counselors should be contacted in the event that families have specific scheduling concerns. 

Instructional Requirements

  • Full Remote instruction for students will be aligned with the outcomes listed within the New York State Learning Standards. 
  • Teachers will have the responsibility to maintain grade level and course level work but ensure that the necessary student scaffolding is embedded into their instruction to differentiate for individual students. 
  • Instructional experiences will include both asynchronous and synchronous learning opportunities. Full remote instruction is not defined solely as a student’s time spent in front of a teacher or in front of a screen, but a range of diverse learning experiences during which the student is engaged in standards-based learning under the guidance, support and direction of a teacher. Examples include:
    • The completion of assigned tasks, 
    • The viewing of an instructional videos, 
    • Responding to posts or questions, 
    • Engaging with class peers in an online format or phone discussion, 
    • Conducting research, 
    • Working on projects, or 
    • Meeting with faculty and staff face- to-face, via an online format or by phone 
  • Instructional experiences must be inclusive, culturally responsive, consider the needs of all students, and adhere to all established state regulations and guidelines. 
  • Instructional plans will allow for ample time for students to re-adjust to the school setting before students are assessed.
  • Teachers should prioritize the curriculum and define general timeframes for the pacing of the delivery of the content  in the event instructional capabilities are modified and/or changed throughout the year. 
  • Teachers should organize curricular lessons according to topics, skills, and content which is best remotely and/or through live virtual synchronous instruction. 
  • Teachers should prepare for remote learning by planning activities that can connect and reinforce in-person classroom learning in the event that students transition back to in-person learning. 
  • Teachers should consider in advance what materials might be suggested for students to have on hand at home or create assignments that can be completed with items easily found at home.
  • Teachers should create a consistent plan and approach for how to post student assignments, feedback, and track their progress. 
  • Teachers and staff should determine methodologies to connect with students and support learning while students are at home. 
  • Teachers should determine which regular daily classroom routines and procedures can be translated into remote activities. This will help students feel a sense of familiarity while reinforcing the sense of community for the class.


  • While students are assigned to full remote learning, the East Greenbush Central School District will follow all the Board of Education grading policies [Policy #4710] while encouraging and supporting all teachers to integrate alternate assessments that would alleviate concerns regarding academic integrity associated with each model. These policies will be clearly communicated and transparent to students, parents, and caregivers. 
    • Grading is considered a positive tool to indicate achievement and development in each class or subject in which a student is enrolled. The Board of Education recognizes that the classroom teacher has the primary responsibility to evaluate students and determine student grades. 
    • The district will continue to use a uniform grading system. Classroom teachers will evaluate students and assign grades according to the established system. 
    • Grading shall be based upon student improvement, achievement, and participation in all remote learning activities and assignments as well as their participation in virtual live instruction classes and office hours.
    • Parents/guardians will be provided a written report card regarding their child’s progress as indicated on the district’s 2020-2021 academic calendar [.https://egcsd.org/calendar] 
    • The use of marks and symbols will be appropriately explained on all K-12 report cards.
    • Grading will not be used for disciplinary purposes, i.e. reducing grade for an unexcused absence, although a lower grade can be given for failure to complete assigned work or for lack of class participation. 
    • All students are expected to complete the assigned classwork and homework as directed by their assigned teacher remote and live virtual instruction. 
    • Students are also expected to participate meaningfully in class discussions and activities in order to receive course credit. 
    • If work is not submitted due to absence, the student is expected to make up the work. 
    • With the possible exception of absences intended by the student as a means of gaining unfair academic advantage (e.g., to secure more time to study for a test), every effort will be made to provide students with the opportunity and assistance to make up all work missed as a result of absence from class.
    • Students who are absent shall be given reasonable time to make up assignments missed during their absence. When necessary and applicable, assignments may be sent home and teachers shall be available to render necessary assistance. 
    • Students whose misconduct is directly related to the student’s academic performance (e.g., plagiarism) may be denied the opportunity to make up work. 
    • It is the student’s responsibility to request all makeup assignments from subject teachers following absence from class. The student must request assignments early enough to allow adequate time for completion prior to the end of the marking quarter. 
    • A student may be denied the opportunity to receive or submit make up work when the reason a make-up examination or other make-up work is needed has been determined by the building principal to be directly related to misconduct in the student’s academic performance (e.g, plagiarism; exam cheating; deliberate absence to avoid taking an exam or timely submittal of an assignment.
  • The EGCSD Grading Policy [Policy #4710]
  • The EGCSD Homework Policy [Policy #4730] and Homework Regulation Policy [Policy 

Special Education

Parents should be aware some students with disabilities were particularly impacted by the closing of schools in spring 2020. We fully recognize that many students require programs and services which are best delivered in person with the need to protect the health and safety of students with disabilities and those providing special education services. Parents who are considering the full remote option should contact the Pupil Personnel Services office to discuss how your child’s needs can best be met (518-207-2065).

  • Students with disabilities who require a highly specialized program, such as an all-day special class were anticipated to attend in-person instruction 4 out of 5 days a week. (Monday/Tuesday and Thursday/Friday) 
    • K-2 Communication Skills- DPS 
    • K-2 Language Concepts- Genet & Green Meadow 
    • K-2 Transitions- Green Meadow 
    • 3-5 Communication Skills- Red Mill 
    • 3-5 Language Concepts- Genet & Bell Top 
    • 3-5 Transitions- Green Meadow 
    • 6-8 Academic Skills- Goff 
    • 6-8 Life Skills- Goff 
    • 6-8 Transitions- Goff 
    • 9-12 Academic Skills- CHS 
    • 9-12 Life Skills- CHS 
    • CTAEP 
  • Students with disabilities who chose the full remote option, per state education guidelines, will have their services delivered consistent with their IEP to the greatest extent feasible and appropriate. There will need to be flexibility in the mode, manner, group/individual, frequency, duration, and location of services.  
  • Related services (speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, school counseling) will be scheduled remotely through the use of teletherapy. 
  • Parents are full team members on the committee of special education. A parent’s knowledge of their child’s strengths, abilities, and needs are critical in designing effective programming and services whether services are delivered remotely, through a hybrid model, or in-person. We encourage families to maintain regular communication and collaboration with their child’s special education team (special education teacher, related service providers, building principal, CSE Chairperson, etc.) 

Academic Intervention Services

AIS is additional instruction which supplements the instruction provided in the general curriculum and assists students in meeting the State learning standards; services may include guidance, counseling, attendance, and study skills which are needed to support improved academic performance. These supports will continue to be implemented through the in-person learning environment.

  • Students in grades 3-8, including students with disabilities and English Language learners, who are at risk of not achieving State Learning Standards in English Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies, and or Science are entitled to receive Academic Intervention Services in accordance with Commissioner’s Regulations section 100.2(ee). As the New York State Assessments in grades 3-8 were not administered in the 2019-20 school year, districts shall use a district developed procedure to be applied uniformly at each grade level for determining which students are entitled to such services. Districts may consider students’ scores on multiple measures of student performance, which include, but are not limited to, one or more of the following measures: 
    • Developmental reading assessment 
    • Benchmark and lesson embedded assessments 
    • Common formative assessments 
    • Unit and lesson assessments 
    • Results of psychoeducational evaluations 
    • Diagnostic screening for vision, hearing, and physical disabilities as well as screening for possible disabilities pursuant to Commissioner’s Regulations Part 117. 

Bilingual Education and World Languages

English Language Learner: A student who, by foreign birth or ancestry, speaks or understands a language other than English and who scores below a NYS designated level of proficiency on the NYSITELL or the NYSESLAT. The federal Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) refers to ELLs as “English Learners,” and ELLs are also sometimes referred to as Emergent Bilinguals or Dual Language Learners. 

  • The spring 2020 COVID-19 crisis was extremely challenging for all students, but created particular difficulties for our most vulnerable students, including English Language Learners (ELLs). 
  • ELLs will be afforded the opportunity for full and equal participation whether it be through an in-person, remote, or hybrid model of instruction. 
  • All ELLs will be provided with the necessary support that is needed in order to close the potential learning loss that may have been a result of the school closures due to COVID-19.
  • Translation of District Communications 
    • Lingualinx 
    • Lexikeet 
    • All World Translators 
  • Targeted communications that are more specific to our ELL population 
  • EGCSD will expand its outreach efforts by increasing our face-to-face communications 
  • ELL service providers will work to increase their real time instruction using this hybrid approach
  • ELL service providers will be able to coordinate instruction among English as a New Language (ENL) and content area teachers for the delivery of hybrid learning utilizing part of the Wednesday remote learning day. 

Digital Equity and Access for All Students

In accordance with the NYS Education Department and NYS Department of Health Supplemental Guidance the East Greenbush Central School District has taken the following steps to ensure that all students assigned to the district’s full remote option have access to computer devices including chrome tabs or chromebooks:

1) Expanded our 1:1 program to include devices for all K-12 students.

2) Expanded our ability to provide remote instruction by issuing IPEVO document cameras to be used by interested teachers who are providing remote instruction.

3) Clarified our common language around remote learning to promote a more universal understanding of what is possible during full remote learning sessions.

4) Communicated with families via survey to ascertain:

  1. a) the availability of adequate internet access at the primary residence of the student
  1. b) the availability of adequate internet access at the secondary residence of the student
  2. c) The availability of devices in the home.

5) Purchased and distributed Kajeet SmartSpot Devices for any students who may have no access or unreliable access to internet service.

Measures of Success

  • Under the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), keep all seven schools as “Schools in Good Standing” 
  • Maintaining strong student attendance and family engagement throughout the 2020-2021 school year. 

The implementation of an updated and comprehensive Professional Development Plan based on student data, staff needs and NYSED requirements that EGCSD employees engage in and benefit from.