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Genet Living Wax Museum WashingtonGeorge Washington, Albert Einstein and Anne Frank all made appearances at Genet’s Living Wax Museum last Friday in the gymnasium as students took the roles of famous historical figures.

Every student in 4th grade selected a famous person from history, wrote a research paper and created a poster presentation which was displayed in the gym. As students and staff from throughout the school, as well as family members walked up to exhibits, the students explained who they were and why they are important to history.

“It’s fun to dress up like your character,” said 4th grader Mandy Sheehan. She researched Bill Gates and learned about his technology innovation.

The project was coordinated by 4th grade teachers Jenna Turnbull, Jessica Csakany and Daniel Scher.

“They seemed to really enjoy the project because it’s interactive and they got to express their own personality,” Mrs. Turnbull said.