East Greenbush CSD Voters Approve School Budget and Capital Project

East Greenbush Central School District residents approved the proposed school budget for 2024-25 earlier today, as well as a $116 million capital project and the purchase of eight new school buses with the highest voter turnout since 2017 (excluding mail in vote of 2020).

Vote Results

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Luke Ackerman AckermanLu@egcsd.org
Julie Adadjo AdadjoJu@egcsd.org
Vanessa Adalian AdalianVa@egcsd.org
Mark Adam AdamMa@egcsd.org
Angela Adams AdamsAn@egcsd.org
Jennifer Adams AdamsJe@egcsd.org
Todd Alaxanian AlaxanianTo@egcsd.org
Danielle Albert AlbertDa@egcsd.org
Kelly Aldinger AldingerKe@egcsd.org
Jack Alvey AlveyJo@egcsd.org
Jeffrey Amos AmosJe@egcsd.org
Alyssa Andresen AndresenAl@egcsd.org
Natalie Arket ArketNa@egcsd.org
Julianne Armbruster ArmbrusterJu@egcsd.org
Frank Asenbauer AsenbauerFr@egcsd.org
Meagan Asenbauer AsenbauerMe@egcsd.org
Shellie Badger BadgerSh@egcsd.org
Kenneth Bailey BaileyKe@egcsd.org
Andrea Baird BairdAn@egcsd.org
Amy Baker BakerAm@egcsd.org
Michelle Baldwin BaldwinMi@egcsd.org
Katelynn Banks BanksKa@egcsd.org
Matt Banks BanksMa@egcsd.org
June Barie BarieJu@egcsd.org
Nicole Barmen BarmenNi@egcsd.org
Michael Barnes BarnesMi@egcsd.org
Monica Barnes BarnesMo@egcsd.org
Mary Barranca BarrancaMa@egcsd.org
Daniel Batcher BatcherDa@egcsd.org
Elise Beams BeamsEl@egcsd.org
Christopher Bechard BechardCh@egcsd.org
Tracy Bender BenderTr@egcsd.org
Deborah Berkun BerkunDe@egcsd.org
Jeanne Beyor BeyorJe@egcsd.org
Paul Bickel Jr. BickelPa@egcsd.org
Kathryn Biel BielKa@egcsd.org
Lori Bishop BishopLo@egcsd.org
Christine Blake BlakeCh@egcsd.org
Lois Bleau BleauLo@egcsd.org
Denise Boniface BonifaceDe@egcsd.org
Eve Bonville BonvilleEv@egcsd.org
Sandra Bouyea BouyeaSa@egcsd.org
Stephany Bradley BradleySt@egcsd.org
David Bresnahan BresnahanDa@egcsd.org
Andrew Brewer BrewerAn@egcsd.org
Alyssa Breznak BreznakAl@egcsd.org
Liz Brown BrownLi@egcsd.org
Thomas Brownell BrownellTh@egcsd.org
Kristen Budwick BudwickKr@egcsd.org
Holly Buoye BuoyeHo@egcsd.org
Seth Bussing BussingSe@egcsd.org
Maeve Cahill CahillMa@egcsd.org
Lauren Calderone CalderoneLa@egcsd.org
Marissa Cannon CannonMa@egcsd.org
Julianna Caporta CaportJu@egcsd.org
Kathleen Carmody CarmodyKa@egcsd.org
Carl Carpenter CarpenterCa@egcsd.org
Tina Carpenter CarpenterTi@egcsd.org
Jennifer Carraher CarraherJe@egcsd.org
Kelly Carrk CarrkKe@egcsd.org
Sue Casatelli CasatelliSu@egcsd.org
Michaela Cassella CassellaMi@egcsd.org
Lauren Castellana CastellanaLa@egcsd.org
Theodore Cavotta CavottaTh@egcsd.org
Michele Celello CelelloMi@egcsd.org
Dianne Chalavoutis ChalavoutisDi@egcsd.org
Lynn Chesser ChesseLy@egcsd.org
Denise Chiacchia ChiaccDe@egcsd.org
Marie Chieco ChiecoMa@egcsd.org
Kathleen Childs ChildsKa@egcsd.org
Susan Chrzan ChrzanSu@egcsd.org
Christopher Ciccone CicconeCh@egcsd.org
Amy Cirincione CirincioneAm@egcsd.org
John Cirincione CirincioneJo@egcsd.org
Heather Clements ClementsHe@egcsd.org
Caitlyn Clark ClarkCa@egcsd.org
Bill Clum ClumWi@egcsd.org
Diane Cohen CohenDi@egcsd.org
Caroline Colwell ColwellCa@egcsd.org
Rebecca Cook CookRe@egcsd.org
Emily Cooke CookeEm@egcsd.org
Monica Cooley CooleyMo@egcsd.org
William Conboy ConboyWi@egcsd.org
Margaret Condo CondoMa@egcsd.org
Nicole Conte ConteNi@egcsd.org
Shondra Conyers ConyersSh@egcsd.org
Desmond Cooley CooleyDe@egcsd.org
Pam Corellis CorellisPa@egcsd.org
Elizabeth Corey CoreyEl@egcsd.org
Tracy Cornell CornellTr@egcsd.org
Tammy Cosgrove CosgroTa@egcsd.org
Richard Cotrona CotronaRi@egcsd.org
Polly Coyne CoynePo@egcsd.org
Cassidy Craig CraigCa@egcsd.org
Frank Cramer CramerFr@egcsd.org
Jarod Cramer CramerJa@egcsd.org
Estelle Craven CravenEs@egcsd.org
Angela Culligan CulliganAn@egcsd.org
Vicky Cunningham CunninghamVi@egcsd.org
Kathy Cushing CushingKa@egcsd.org
Jennifer Cuttler CuttlerJe@egcsd.org
Lisa Daley DaleyLi@egcsd.org
Susan D’Amico DAmicoSu@egcsd.org
Roxanne Dancer DancerRo@egcsd.org
Tammy Daoust DaoustTa@egcsd.org
Carrie Davis DavisCa@egcsd.org
Deanna Davis DavisDe@egcsd.org
Joan Davis DavisJo@egcsd.org
Lauren Davis DavisLa@egcsd.org
Alisha DeCelle DeCelleAl@egcsd.org
Christopher Dedrick DedrickCh@egcsd.org
Donna Dedrick DedrickDo@egcsd.org
Kari Deer DeerKa@egcsd.org
Jason DeFrias DeFriasJa@egcsd.org
Roxanne DeJohn DeJohnRo@egcsd.org
Jennifer DeLancey DeLanceyJe@egcsd.org
Rebecca Delaney DelaneyRe@egcsd.org
Lisa DelPozzo DelPozzoLi@egcsd.org
Lalena DeMarco DeMarcoLa@egcsd.org
Joseph DeNisio denisiojo@egcsd.org
Christine Dessureau dessurch@egcsd.org
Colin Devine DevineCo@egcsd.org
Felice Devine DevineFe@egcsd.org
Audra DiBacco DiBaccAu@egcsd.org
Kelley DiBella DiBellaKe@egcsd.org
Frank DiDonato DiDonatoFr@egcsd.org
Cynthia Diefendorf DiefendorfCy@egcsd.org
Leanne Dietrich DietrichLe@egcsd.org
Gianna DiGregorio DiGregorioGi@egcsd.org
Heather DiOrio DiOrioHe@egcsd.org
Renee DiPreta DiPretaRe@egcsd.org
Genna DiSotto DiSottoGe@egcsd.org
April Dolce DolceAp@egcsd.org
Noelle Domalewicz DomalewiczNo@egcsd.org
Carolyn Donahue DonahueCa@egcsd.org
Maureen Dongelewic dongelewicma@egcsd.org
Particia Dority-Kawczak KawczakPa@egcsd.org
Scott Draina DrainaSc@egcsd.org
James Driscoll DriscollJa@egcsd.org
Nicoll Driscoll DriscollNi@egcsd.org
Jamie Duesler DueslerJa@egcsd.org
Jaclyn Duncan DuncanJa@egcsd.org
Dennis Dunham DunhamDe@egcsd.org
Kathleen Dunn DunnKa@egcsd.org
Sharon Dunn DunnSh@egcsd.org
Nancy Dunne DunneNa@egcsd.org
Michelle Durfee DurfeeMi@egcsd.org
Chelsea Dyer DyerCh@egcsd.org
Jeffrey Ecker EckerJe@egcsd.org
Michelle Ecker EckerMi@egcsd.org
Marlee Eckert EckertMa@egcsd.org
Alicia Edick EdickAl@egcsd.org
Heidi Edwards EdwardsHe@egcsd.org
James Eggleston EgglestonJa@egcsd.org
Sarah Eldert EldertSa@egcsd.org
Daniel Emery EmeryDa@egcsd.org
Patty Farnan FarnanPa@egcsd.org
Jennifer Farrell FarrellJe@egcsd.org
Vincenzina Farry FarryVi@egcsd.org
Elizabeth Felock FelockEl@egcsd.org
Stephanie Ferriero FerrieroSt@egcsd.org
Susan Ferson FersonSu@egcsd.org
Jennifer Fey FeyJe@egcsd.org
Renee Fields FieldsRe@egcsd.org
Eileen Fish FishEi@egcsd.org
John Flanagan FlanaganJo@egcsd.org
Allison Flynn FlynnAl@egcsd.org
Logan Fodor FodorLo@egcsd.org
Kristen Foley FoleyKr@egcsd.org
Maria Fontaine FontaiMa@egcsd.org
Heather Fowler FowlerHe@egcsd.org
Seth Fowler FowlerSe@egcsd.org
Brian Fox FoxBr@egcsd.org
Jessica Fowler FowlerJe@egcsd.org
Bailey Freemantle FreemantleBa@egcsd.org
Kristina Frugis FrugisKr@egcsd.org
Leila Fuleihan FuleihanLe@egcsd.org
Ann Fuller FullerAn@egcsd.org
Marcelle Gadreault GadreaultMa@egcsd.org
Megan Gallucci GallucciMe@egcsd.org
Timothy Galvin GalvinTi@egcsd.org
Daniel Garab GarabDa@egcsd.org
Amy Garavelli GaravelliAm@egcsd.org
Jeannine Garcia GarciaJe@egcsd.org
Nancy Garcia GarciaNa@egcsd.org
Stephanie Gardinier GardinierSt@egcsd.org
Sarah Garno GarnoSa@egcsd.org
Andrea Garrow GarrowAn@egcsd.org
Laura Gavlik GavlikLa@egcsd.org
Laura Gedney GedneyLa@egcsd.org
Erin Ghent GhentEr@egcsd.org
Kelly Giagni GiagniKe@egcsd.org
Shawn Gibson GibsonSh@egcsd.org
Heather Gigliello GiglielloHe@egcsd.org
Heidi Gleason GleasonHe@egcsd.org
Jaclyn Gleason GleasonJa@egcsd.org
Joan Gleason GleasonJo@egcsd.org
Debbie Gonyea GonyeaDe@egcsd.org
Peter Goodwin GoodwinPe@egcsd.org
Matthew Goodwine GoodwineMa@egcsd.org
Valerie Gordon GordonVa@egcsd.org
Jacqueline Gould GouldJa@egcsd.org
Deborah Grant GrantDe@egcsd.org
Jay Gravelle GravelleJa@egcsd.org
Jarod Grieco GriecoJa@egcsd.org 
Elizabeth Griffin GriffinEl@egcsd.org
Wayne Grignon GrignonWa@egcsd.org
Cherylyn Grisafe GrisafeCh@egcsd.org
Katrina Gruet GruetKa@egcsd.org
Janet Guido GuidoJa@egcsd.org
Ashley Gunther GuntherAs@egcsd.org
Jeff Guzy GuzyJe@egcsd.org
Doug Hadley HadleyDo@egcsd.org
Helen Haggerty HaggertyHe@egcsd.org
Bonnie Hagglove hagglobo@egcsd.org
Carolyn Haldane HaldaneCa@egcsd.org
Michelle Hall HallMi@egcsd.org
Joan Hallenbeck HallenbeckJo@egcsd.org
Scott Halliday HallidaySc@egcsd.org
Mark Halsey HalseyMa@egcsd.org
Julie Hammill HammillJu@egcsd.org
Patricia Hannmann HannmannPa@egcsd.org
Tenniel Hansen HansenTe@egcsd.org
Rajesh Harde HardeRa@egcsd.org
Michael Harkin HarkinMi@egcsd.org
Allie Harling HarlingAl@egcsd.org
Carol Harper HarperCa@egcsd.org
Diane Harris HarrisDi@egcsd.org
Brittany Harrison HarrisonBr@egcsd.org
Elizabeth Hart HartEl@egcsd.org
Patrick Hart HartPa@egcsd.org
George Hartnagle HartnagleGe@egcsd.org
Katherine Hastings HastingsKa@egcsd.org
Misty Hayes HayesMi@egcsd.org
Samantha Held HeldSa@egcsd.org
Dawn Heller HellerDa@egcsd.org
Megan Helmrath HelmrathMe@egcsd.org
Christopher Henderson HendersonCh@egcsd.org
Valerie Hennessy HennessyVa@egcsd.org
Tracy Heritage-Allard HeritaTr@egcsd.org
Lisa Herrington HerringtonLi@egcsd.org
Cheryl Higgins HigginsCh@egcsd.org
Rosaire Higgins HigginsRo@egcsd.org
Richard Hill HillRi@egcsd.org
Theresa Hilton HiltonTh@egcsd.org
Jean Hirt HirtJe@egcsd.org
Jessica Hladik HladikJe@egcsd.org
Paul Hoff HoffPa@egcsd.org
Sarah Hoffman HoffmanSa@egcsd.org
Tara Hoffman HoffmanTa@egcsd.org
Heather Hogan HoganHe@egcsd.org
Jamie Holtz HoltzJa@egcsd.org
Mary Jane Hopeck HopeckMa@egcsd.org
Kara Horton HortonKa@egcsd.org
Christopher Hosley HosleyCh@egcsd.org
Courteny Hotaling HotalingCo@egcsd.org
Ann Howe HoweAn@egcsd.org
Daniel Hulbert HulbertDa@egcsd.org
Sara Hulbert HulbertSa@egcsd.org
Daniel Hurd HurdDa@egcsd.org
Donald Ingoldsby IngoldsbyDo@egcsd.org
Marjorie Isbester IsbesterMa@egcsd.org
Pamela Jackson JacksonPa@egcsd.org
Megan Jankowiak JankowiakMe@egcsd.org
Maureen Janowski JanowskiMa@egcsd.org
Madeline Jenkins JenkinsMa@egcsd.org
Greg Jette JetteGr@egcsd.org
Lisa Johnas JohnasLi@egcsd.org
Cindy Johnson JohnsonCi@egcsd.org
Ryan Jones JonesRy@egcsd.org
Audry June JuneAu@egcsd.org
Rene Kanzler KanzlerRe@egcsd.org
Gurbax Kaur Payroll@egcsd.org
Christine Kawczak KawczakCh@egcsd.org
Kendra Kelly KellyKe@egcsd.org
Dawn Kennedy KennedDa@egcsd.org
Siobhan Kennedy KennedySi@egcsd.org
Megan Kenney KenneyMe@egcsd.org
Julia Keyoskey KeyoskeyJu@egcsd.org
Ed Kilmartin KilmarEd@egcsd.org
Jeff King KingJe@egcsd.org
Tammy Kivitz KivitzTa@egcsd.org
Dianna Koch KochDi@egcsd.org
Nathaniel Koester KoesterNa@egcsd.org
Aimee Kot KotAi@egcsd.org
Kaitlyn Krein KreinKa@egcsd.org
Nancy Kroll KrollNa@egcsd.org
Denise Kuhn KuhnDe@egcsd.org
Zachary Kuhn KuhnZa@egcsd.org
Kristin Kurick KurickKr@egcsd.org
Jaimee Kusche KuscheJa@egcsd.org
Jonathan Kusche KuscheJo@egcsd.org
Danielle Kush KushDa@egcsd.org
Christopher LaBarge LaBargeCh@egcsd.org
Karen Lafrank LafrankKa@egcsd.org
Scott LaGoy LaGoySc@egcsd.org
Margaret LaHera LaHeraMa@egcsd.org
Ruth Lambert LambertRu@egcsd.org
Scott LaMora LaMoraSc@egcsd.org
Lisa Langenbach LangenbachLi@egcsd.org
Julie Lansing LansingJu@egcsd.org
Stephen Lapolla LapollaSt@egcsd.org
Kristie LaRose LaRoseKr@egcsd.org
Megan Lasch LaschMe@egcsd.org
Kelly Laughlin LaughlinKe@egcsd.org
Nathan Lawrence LawrenceNa@egcsd.org
Kathleen LeForestier LeForestierKa@egcsd.org
Christopher LeGare LeGareCh@egcsd.org
Danielle Leggett LeggettDa@egcsd.org 
Sean Leggett LeggettSe@egcsd.org
Jennifer Leto LetoJe@egcsd.org
Katherine L’Etoile LEtoileKa@egcsd.org
Carrie Leyhane LeyhaneCa@egcsd.org
Kevin Leyhane LeyhaneKe@egcsd.org
Carol Lichorowiec LichorowiecCa@egcsd.org
Ida-Marie Lindberg LindbergId@egcsd.org
Karen Lindberg LindbergKa@egcsd.org
Maryanne Lindemann LindemannMa@egcsd.org
Emma Little LittleEm@egcsd.org
Joanne Loccisano LoccisanoJo@egcsd.org
Megan Lopez LopezMe@egcsd.org
Christina LoPresti LoPrestiCh@egcsd.org
Karen Lorette LoretteKa@egcsd.org
Andrea Lubbers LubbersAn@egcsd.org
Bryan Lussier LussierBr@egcsd.org
Sarah Lussier LussierSa@egcsd.org
Denise Lyle LyleDe@egcsd.org
Melanie Lyte LyteMe@egcsd.org
Shannon MacFarland MacFarlandSh@egcsd.org
Kara Macpherson MacphersonKa@egcsd.org
Mary Jo Madore MadoreMa@egcsd.org
Carina Mahar MaharCa@egcsd.org
Courtney Mahar MaharCo@egcsd.org
Lisa Mahar MaharLi@egcsd.org
Martin Mahar MaharMa@egcsd.org
Matthew Malkiewicz MalkiewiczMa@egcsd.org
Timothy Malloy MalloyTi@egcsd.org
Lori Malone MaloneLo@egcsd.org
Claire Mancini ManciniCl@egcsd.org
Nicole Maney ManeyNi@egcsd.org
Tara Maney ManeyTa@egcsd.org
Claudia Mangione MangioneCl@egcsd.org
Tina Mann MannEr@egcsd.org
Jennifer Mapes MapesJe@egcsd.org
Victoria Marino MarinoVi@egcsd.org
Donald Marion MarionDo@egcsd.org
Caterina Marra MarraCa@egcsd.org
Brian Marsh MarshBr@egcsd.org
Lisa Marshall MarshallLi@egcsd.org
Rhianna Martin MartinRh@egcsd.org
Michelle Martino MartinoMi@egcsd.org
Rachel Mathis MathisRa@egcsd.org
Tonya Maxstadt MaxstadtTo@egcsd.org
Christine Maxwell MaxwellCh@egcsd.org
Wendy McAlonie McAlonieWe@egcsd.org
Allison McArdle McArdleAl@egcsd.org
Ashleigh McCoy McCoyAs@egcsd.org
James McHugh McHughJa@egcsd.org
Maureen McHugh McHughMa@egcsd.org
Melissa McHugh McHughMe@egcsd.org
Kimberly McKeown McKeownKi@egcsd.org
Marna McMorris Meltzer-McMorrisMa@egcsd.org
Michael McNamara McNamaraMi@egcsd.org
Tiffanie McNett McNettTi@egcsd.org
Wanda McQueen McQueenWa@egcsd.org
Tammy Meek MeekTa@egcsd.org
Colleen Meltz MeltzCo@egcsd.org
Corey Mestoik MestoikCo@egcsd.org
Kathryn Miecznikowski MiecznikowskiKa@egcsd.org
Allison Milazzo MilazzoAl@egcsd.org
Kelly Miller MillerKe@egcsd.org
Kristin Missenis MissenisKr@egcsd.org
Dana Monk MonkDa@egcsd.org
Ronald Montesi MontesiRo@egcsd.org
Scott Monuteaux MonuteauxSc@egcsd.org
Stefani Monuteaux MonuteauxSt@egcsd.org
Darleen Morgan MorganDa@egcsd.org
Karen Morosko MoroskoKa@egcsd.org
Andrea Morrissey MorrisseyAn@egcsd.org
Catherine Morrow MorrowCa@egcsd.org
Kelly Mulholland MulhollandKe@egcsd.org
Jennifer Mulligan MulliganJe@egcsd.org
Natalia Multunas MultunasNa@egcsd.org
Sarah Murawski MurawskiSa@egcsd.org
Sarah Murchison MurchisonSa@egcsd.org
Sabine Murphy MurphySa@egcsd.org
Tim Muzio MuzioTi@egcsd.org
Joshua Myers-Collins Myers-CollinsJo@egcsd.org
Stephanie Nagel NagelSt@egcsd.org
Jacqueline Nagy NagyJa@egcsd.org
Leia Nardacci NardacciLe@egcsd.org
Laura Naughton NaughtonLa@egcsd.org
Ezra Neal NealEz@egcsd.org
Cheryl Nedoroscik NedoroscikCh@egcsd.org
Andrea Neiman NeimanAn@egcsd.org
Michael Neumann NeumannMi@egcsd.org
Sarah Noel NoelSa@egcsd.org
Joanne Nolette NolettJo@egcsd.org
James Obermayer ObermayerJa@egcsd.org
Laura O’Brien OBrienLa@egcsd.org
Melissa O’Brien OBrienMe@egcsd.org
Margaret O’Connor OConnorMa@egcsd.org
Michelle Ogden OgdenMi@egcsd.org
Tonya Olazagasti OlazagastiTo@egcsd.org
Debreen Oliva OlivaDe@egcsd.org
Riley O’Malley OMalleyRi@egcsd.org
Alexandra Omecinsky OmecinskyAl@egcsd.org
Tracy O’Neil ONeilTr@egcsd.org
Jennifer Oropallo OropalJe@egcsd.org
Bruce Otto OttoBr@egcsd.org
Laura Owens OwensLa@egcsd.org
Heriberto Padua PaduaHe@egcsd.org
Susan Pagones PagonesSu@egcsd.org
Gabriella Paixao PaixaoGa@egcsd.org
Kim Palmer PalmerKi@egcsd.org
Bridget Paluba PalubaBr@egcsd.org
Kelly Panasci PanasciKe@egcsd.org
Jeanne Pangburn PangburnJe@egcsd.org
Jean Patrick PatrickJe@egcsd.org
Laura Patton PattonLa@egcsd.org
Kathleen Peffers PeffersKa@egcsd.org
Michelle Penk PenkMi@egcsd.org
Catherine Pennock PennockCa@egcsd.org
Jacqueline Perry PerryJa@egcsd.org
Tricia Petromelis PetromelisTr@egcsd.org
Natalie Phoenix PhoenixNa@egcsd.org
Nicole Pineiro PineiroNi@egcsd.org
Chantel Polarolo PolaroloCh@egcsd.org
Rachel Polaski PolaskiRa@egcsd.org
Thomas Poli PoliTh@egcsd.org
Karli Powers PowersKa@egcsd.org
Ashleigh Pratt PrattAs@egcsd.org
Jacob Preston PrestonJa@egcsd.org
Jennifer Quail QuailJe@egcsd.org
Ina Racquet RacquetIi@egcsd.org
Christine Ramoska RamoskaCh@egcsd.org
Kyle Randall RandallKy@egcsd.org
Stephanie Reamer ReamerSt@egcsd.org
Jennifer Reddy ReddyJe@egcsd.org
Julie Reilly ReillyJu@egcsd.org
Lesley Ret RetLe@egcsd.org
Sophia Reynolds ReynolSo@egcsd.org
Julie Richardson RichardsonJu@egcsd.org
Ashley Rickson RicksonAs@egcsd.org
Gerald Riggins RigginsGe@egcsd.org
Erin Rightmyer RightmyerEr@egcsd.org
Jamie Riley RileyJa@egcsd.org
Tiffany Rinehimer RinehiTi@egcsd.org
John Rivera RiveraJo@egcsd.org
Catherine Roberts RobertsCa@egcsd.org
Karen Roche RocheKa@egcsd.org
Susan Rockman RockmanSu@egcsd.org
Stacey Rockwell RockwellSt@egcsd.org
Drew Romanowski RomanowskiDr@egcsd.org
Denise Romer RomerDe@egcsd.org
Lois Rondeau RondeauLo@egcsd.org
Michele Rose RoseMi@egcsd.org
Tyler Rose RoseTy@egcsd.org
Heather Ross RossHe@egcsd.org
Thomas Ross RossTo@egcsd.org
Karen Rossetti RossettiKa@egcsd.org
Kayla Rouse RouseKa@egcsd.org
Morgan Rowse RowseMo@egcsd.org
Kaitlyn Roy RoyKa@egcsd.org
Adrienne Rudat RudatAd@egcsd.org
Carianne Rudolph RudolphCa@egcsd.org
Gwen Rudnick RudnickGw@egcsd.org
Frederick Rudofsky RudofskyFr@egcsd.org
Christine Rudzinski RudzinskiCh@egcsd.org
Joelle Ruger RugerJo@egcsd.org
Joseph Rullo RulloJo@egcsd.org
Angela Rumsey RumseyAn@egcsd.org
Mike Russell RussellMi@egcsd.org
Justin Russello RusselloJu@egcsd.org
Kate Ryan RyanKa@egcsd.org
Brianna Ryan-Smolinski Ryan-SmolinskiBr@egcsd.org
Renee Rymarz RymarzRe@egcsd.org
Susan Rys RysSu@egcsd.org
Kimberly Sabella SabellKi@egcsd.org
Gabriella Sacks SacksGa@egcsd.org
Caren Sager SagerCa@egcsd.org
Ellen Salls SallsEl@egcsd.org
Susanne Sample-Brown Sample-BrownSu@egcsd.org
Kelly Sanborn SanbornKe@egcsd.org
Curtis Sankey SankeyCu@egcsd.org
Valerie Santillo SantilloVa@egcsd.org
Tracy Santore-Goodman Santore-GoodmanTr@egcsd.org
Alison Savoca SavocaAl@egcsd.org
Jayne Scanni ScanniJa@egcsd.org
Laurie Scaringe ScaringeLa@egcsd.org
Judith Schaub SchaubJu@egcsd.org
Daniel Scher ScherDa@egcsd.org
Melanie Boomhower BoomhowerMe@egcsd.org
Susanna Schreck SchreckSu@egcsd.org
Gretchen Schulz SchulzGr@egcsd.org
Christina Schuurman SchuurmanCh@egcsd.org
Michelle Schwab SchwabMi@egcsd.org
Amy Schwartz SchwartzAm@egcsd.org
Megan Scolaro ScolaroMe@egcsd.org
Margie Secor SecorMa@egcsd.org
Jennifer Selkirk SelkirkJe@egcsd.org
Renee Seney SeneyRe@egcsd.org
Kathleen Shapiro ShapiroKa@egcsd.org
Emily Shatraw ShatrawEm@egcsd.org
Patricia Shaw ShawPa@egcsd.org
Donna Shepardson ShepardsonDo@egcsd.org
Kelly Sheraw SherawKe@egcsd.org
Amy Sherman ShermanAm@egcsd.org
Jennifer Shoemaker ShoemakerJe@egcsd.org
Jude Shufelt ShufeltJu@egcsd.org
Jeffrey Simons SimonsJe@egcsd.org
Maureen Singer SingerMa@egcsd.org
Michelle Slater SlaterMi@egcsd.org
Jessica Slawson SlawsonJe@egcsd.org
Amber Smith SmithAm@egcsd.org
Denise Smith SmithDe@egcsd.org
Jeffrey Smith SmithJe@egcsd.org
Richard Smith SmithRi@egcsd.org
Kathleen Snedaker SnedakerKa@egcsd.org
Kelyn Snyder SnyderKe@egcsd.org
Paula Sobol SobolPa@egcsd.org
Jennifer Sorensen-Chase SorensJe@egcsd.org
Colleen Spath SpathCo@egcsd.org
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