Regents Exams

Columbia High School will administer Regents Exams and Midterms on Tuesday, January 24 through Friday, January 27. There will be no school for Columbia students on those days except for students taking exams. (All other schools in the district will be in session.)

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Luke Ackerman
Julie Adadjo
Vanessa Adalian
Mark Adam
Angela Adams
Jennifer Adams
Todd Alaxanian
Danielle Albert
Kelly Aldinger
Jack Alvey
Jeffrey Amos
Alyssa Andresen
Natalie Arket
Julianne Armbruster
Frank Asenbauer
Meagan Asenbauer
Shellie Badger
Kenneth Bailey
Andrea Baird
Amy Baker
Michelle Baldwin
Anne Marie Balzer
Chip Balzer
Katelynn Banks
Matt Banks
Nicole Barmen
Michael Barnes
Monica Barnes
Mary Barranca
Daniel Batcher
Elise Beams
Tracy Bender
Jeanne Beyor
Paul Bickel Jr.
Kathryn Biel
Lori Bishop
Christine Blake
Lois Bleau
Susan Blond
Emily Bonesteel
Denise Boniface
Sandra Bouyea
Stephany Bradley
David Bresnahan
Andrew Brewer
Alyssa Breznak
Liz Brown
Thomas Brownell
Kristen Budwick
Lauren Calderone
Marissa Cannon
Julianna Caporta
Kathleen Carmody
Tina Carpenter
Jennifer Carraher
Kelly Carrk
Sue Casatelli
Michaela Cassella
Lauren Castellana
Theodore Cavotta
Michele Celello
Lynn Chesser
Denise Chiacchia
Marie Chieco
Kathleen Childs
Claire Chouinard
Susan Chrzan
Christopher Ciccone
Erin Cioffi
Amy Cirincione
John Cirincione
Heather Clements
Carol Clifford
Bill Clum
Diane Cohen
Sarah Collier
Caroline Colwell
Rebecca Cook
Emily Cooke
Monica Cooley
William Conboy
Margaret Condo
Nicole Conte
Shondra Conyers
Desmond Cooley
Debbie Corbett
Kathleen Corellis
Pam Corellis
Elizabeth Corey
Tracy Cornell
Tammy Cosgrove
Richard Cotrona
Polly Coyne
Cassidy Craig
Sandra Crall
Sean Crall
Frank Cramer
Jarod Cramer
Estelle Craven
Ronald Cray
Angela Culligan
Vicky Cunningham
Kathy Cushing
Jennifer Cuttler
Lisa Daley
Susan D’Amico
Tammy Daoust
Carrie Davis
Deanna Davis
Joan Davis
Lauren Davis
Alisha DeCelle
Hannah Decker
Christopher Dedrick
Donna Dedrick
Kari Deer
Jason DeFrias
Roxanne DeJohn
Jennifer DeLancey
Lisa DelPozzo
Lalena DeMarco
Joseph DeNisio
Christine Dessureau
Felice Devine
Audra DiBacco
Kelley DiBella
Frank DiDonato
Cynthia Diefendorf
Leanne Dietrich
Gianna DiGregorio
Deberah Dimartino
Heather DiOrio
Renee DiPreta
Genna DiSotto
April Dolce
Noelle Domalewicz
Carolyn Donahue
Maureen Dongelewic
Particia Dority-Kawczak
Scott Draina
James Driscoll
Nicoll Driscoll
Jamie Duesler
Jaclyn Duncan
Dennis Dunham
Kathleen Dunn
Sharon Dunn
Nancy Dunne
Melissa Dupont
Michelle Durfee
Christine Dushensky
Chelsea Dyer
Jeffrey Ecker
Michelle Ecker
Alicia Edick
Heidi Edwards
James Eggleston
Daniel Emery
Rekka Falaro
Patty Farnan
Jennifer Farrell
Vincenzina Farry
Elizabeth Felock
Maria Fernandez
Stephanie Ferriero
Susan Ferson
Jennifer Fey
Renee Fields
Sarah Fiorino
Eileen Fish
Kathleen Fitzgerald
John Flanagan
Allison Flynn
Kristen Foley
Maria Fontaine
Brian Fox
Jessica Fowler
Jill Frankoski
Bailey Freemantle
Kristina Frugis
Leila Fuleihan
Ann Fuller
Timothy Galvin
Daniel Garab
Amy Garavelli
Jeannine Garcia
Nancy Garcia
Stephanie Gardinier
Sarah Garno
Laura Gavlik
Laura Gedney
Erin Ghent
Kelly Giagni
Shawn Gibson
Susan Gier
Heather Gigliello
Sandra Giordano
Heidi Gleason
Jaclyn Gleason
Joan Gleason
Margaret Glennie
Debbie Gonyea
Peter Goodwin
Valerie Gordon
Jacqueline Gould
Jay Gravelle
Patricia Gregorewsky
Jarod Grieco 
Elizabeth Griffin
Wayne Grignon
Cherylyn Grisafe
Katrina Gruet
Janet Guido
Ashley Gunther
Jeff Guzy
Doug Hadley
Helen Haggerty
Bonnie Hagglove
Carolyn Haldane
Michelle Hall
Joan Hallenbeck
Scott Halliday
Mark Halsey
Julie Hammill
Patricia Hannmann
Rajesh Harde
Michael Harkin
Allie Harling
Carol Harper
Diane Harris
Leah Harris
Brittany Harrison
Elizabeth Hart
Patrick Hart
George Hartnagle
Katherine Hastings
Misty Hayes
Samantha Held
Dawn Heller
Megan Helmrath
Michaela Hemming
Christopher Henderson
Valerie Hennessy
Tracy Heritage-Allard
Lisa Herrington
Cheryl Higgins
Rosaire Higgins
Richard Hill
Theresa Hilton
Jean Hirt
Jessica Hladik
Paul Hoff
Sarah Hoffman
Heather Hogan
Jamie Holtz
Mary Jane Hopeck
Kara Horton
Alison Hosier
Christopher Hosley
Courteny Hotaling
Ann Howe
Daniel Hulbert
Sara Hulbert
Daniel Hurd
Donald Ingoldsby
Marjorie Isbester
Pamela Jackson
Megan Jankowiak
Maureen Janowski
Greg Jette
Lisa Johnas
Cindy Johnson
Ryan Jones
Audry June
Rene Kanzler
Christine Kawczak
Kendra Kelly
Dawn Kennedy
Siobhan Kennedy
Megan Kenney
Julia Keyoskey
Ed Kilmartin
Tammy Kivitz
Dianna Koch
Nathaniel Koester
Nancy Kroll
Denise Kuhn
Zachary Kuhn
Kristin Kurick
Jaimee Kusche
Jonathan Kusche
Christopher LaBarge
Karen Lafrank
Scott LaGoy
Margaret LaHera
Ruth Lambert
Scott LaMora
Lisa Langenbach
Julie Lansing
Stephen Lapolla
Kristie LaRose
Megan Lasch
Kelly Laughlin
Nathan Lawrence
Lauren Leahy
Kathleen LeForestier
Christopher LeGare
Danielle Leggett 
Sean Leggett
Patricia LeRoy
Carrie Leyhane
Kevin Leyhane
Carol Lichorowiec
Ida-Marie Lindberg
Karen Lindberg
Maryanne Lindemann
Emma Little
Joanne Loccisano
Emily Long
Megan Lopez
Christina LoPresti
Karen Lorette
Andrea Lubbers
Bryan Lussier
Sarah Lussier
Denise Lyle
Melanie Lyte
Shannon MacFarland
Kara Macpherson
Mary Jo Madore
Carina Mahar
Courtney Mahar
Lisa Mahar
Martin Mahar
Timothy Malloy
Lori Malone
Darcy Mancino
Nicole Maney
Tara Maney
Claudia Mangione
Tina Mann
Victoria Marino
Donald Marion
Caterina Marra
Brian Marsh
Michelle Martino
Frank Mastroianni
Rachel Mathis
Tonya Maxstadt
Christine Maxwell
Wendy McAlonie
Allison McArdle
Ashleigh McCoy
James McHugh
Maureen McHugh
Melissa McHugh
Kimberly McKeown
Marna McMorris
Michael McNamara
Tiffanie McNett
Wanda McQueen
Lauren McTarnaghan
Tammy Meek
Corey Mestoik
Kathryn Miecznikowski
Allison Milazzo
Kristin Missenis
Dana Monk
Ronald Montesi
Scott Monuteaux
Stefani Monuteaux
Darleen Morgan
Karen Morosko
Andrea Morrissey
Catherine Morrow
Wayne Morrow
Natalia Multunas
Sarah Murawski
Sarah Murchison
Sabine Murphy
Tim Muzio
Joshua Myers-Collins
Stephanie Nagel
Jacqueline Nagy
Leia Nardacci
Cheryl Nedoroscik
Andrea Neiman
Michael Neumann
Sarah Noel
Laura Nolan
Joanne Nolette
James Obermayer
Laura O’Brien
Melissa O’Brien
Margaret O’Connor
Michelle Ogden
Tonya Olazagasti
Kathleen O’Leary
Debreen Oliva
Alexandra Omecinsky
Tracy O’Neil
Jennifer Oropallo
MaryKay Ostwald
Bruce Otto
Laura Owens
Susan Pagones
Gabriella Paixao
Kim Palmer
Bridget Paluba
Kelly Panasci
Jeanne Pangburn
Jean Patrick
Kathleen Peffers
Michelle Penk
Jacqueline Perry
Rocco Persico
Tricia Petromelis
Natalie Phoenix
Chantel Polarolo
Rachel Polaski
Thomas Poli
Karli Powers
Ashleigh Pratt
Jacob Preston
Jennifer Quail
Christine Ramoska
Kyle Randall
Stephanie Reamer
Jennifer Reddy
Catherine Regitano
Lesley Ret
Sophia Reynolds
Julie Richardson
Ashley Rickson
Erin Rightmyer
Jamie Riley
Tiffany Rinehimer
John Rivera
Catherine Roberts
Karen Roche
Susan Rockman
Stacey Rockwell
Michael Roe
Drew Romanowski
Denise Romer
Lynn Ronan
Lois Rondeau
Michele Rose
Tyler Rose
Heather Ross
Thomas Ross
Karen Rossetti
Kayla Rouse
Kaitlyn Roy
Adrienne Rudat
Carianne Rudolph
Gwen Rudnick
Frederick Rudofsky
Christine Rudzinski
Joelle Ruger
Joseph Rullo
Angela Rumsey
Mike Russell
Justin Russello
Kate Ryan
Brianna Ryan-Smolinski
Renee Rymarz
Susan Rys
Kimberly Sabella
Gabriella Sacks
Caren Sager
Kelly Sanborn
Curtis Sankey
Valerie Santillo
Tracy Santore-Goodman
Hugh Sarno
Jayne Scanni
Laurie Scaringe
Judith Schaub
Daniel Scher
Bryce Schimanski
Ellen Schirmer
Melanie Schmitt
Susanna Schreck
Gretchen Schulz
Christina Schuurman
Michelle Schwab
Amy Schwartz
Megan Scolaro
Margie Secor
Jennifer Selkirk
Renee Seney
Anthony Servidone
Holly Sessock
Kathleen Shapiro
Donna Shatney
Emily Shatraw
Patricia Shaw
Donna Shepardson
Kelly Sheraw
Amy Sherman
Jennifer Shoemaker
Jude Shufelt
Jeffrey Simons
Maureen Singer
Michelle Slater
Jessica Slawson
Amber Smith
Jeffrey Smith
Richard Smith
Marianne Smith-Wilhelm
Kathleen Snedaker
Kelyn Snyder
Paula Sobol
Jennifer Sorensen-Chase
Colleen Spath
Carissa Spencer
Helen Squillace
Rebecca Stevens
Jessica Stickles
Julie Stoffels
Sarah Strock
Samantha Stuarts
Beth Swald-Nagashima
Cathy Sweet
Kelli Tackett 
Sarah Tacy
Erin Tarbox
Jon Tario
Greg Tarkos
Meghan Taylor
Marilyn Thompson
Tara Thompson
Jessica Tice
Jeanelle Tiley
Amibel Timeo
Jaclyn Timmany-White
Jamie Tobin
Jeffrey Tooker
Rachel Toolan
Megan Tozzi
Melinda Tracy
Karen Treiber
Meryl Tremblay
James Truss
Zachary Troxell
Sondra Tucker
Jenna Turnbull
Jennifer Valcik
Sheri Valenti
Lara Vazquetelles
Ruth VanAlstyne
James VanBuren
Emily VanLeuven
Nancy VanOort
Jenna VanRoy
Jessica VanSkiver
Peter Varian
Jennifer Vendlands
Nancy Verdile
Jennifer Volz
Linda Wager
Nancy Wager
Daniel Wagner
Kristy Wagner
Samantha Wagner
Mary Webber
Jeff Weir
Nicole Weiss
Mark Welge
Robert West
Andrea White
Jonathan Wicks
Jennifer Wilcox
Vicki Wilcox
Jill Ann Wilkes
Aimee Williams
Rune Williams
Carol Willis
Rebecca Wilson
Colleen Wise
Todd Witherell
Laura Wladarczyk
Martha Wos
Shawn Wyman
Shawn Yearsley
Natalie Young
Sandra Yovine
Helen Yuzynko
Catherine Zampier
Heather Zeccolo
Kristen Zilgme