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Grandma Diane BuyerThe East Greenbush Board of Education welcomes and encourages community members to volunteer in District schools. There are numerous opportunities for people to volunteer during the school day and in the afternoons and evenings.

Individual Schools

There are numerous opportunities to volunteer in individual schools or for individual departments. For information on volunteer opportunities at specific schools or departments contact:

Columbia Michael Harkin, Principal 518-207-2000
Goff Jill Barker, Principal 518-207-2430
Bell Top Martin Mahar,
Genet Wayne Grignon, Principal 518-207-2680
Green Meadow Dan Garab, Principal 518-207-2640
DPS Jack Alvey, Principal 518-207-2620
Red Mill Helen Squillace, Principal 518-207-2660
Athletic Department Michael Leonard, Director 518-207-2081
Music Department Scott Halliday, Director 518-207-2000
District-wide Jeffrey P. Simons, Superintendent 518-207-2531

PTO (Parent Teacher Organization)

Each school has a parent teacher organization composed of parents, teachers and staff to facilitate parental participation at school. These organizations sponsor school events and programs through volunteer efforts for the benefit of students. To volunteer with a school PTO contact:

Columbia Kendra Durivage, President
Patty Farnan, Vice President
Goff Amanda Szczepkowski, President
Bell Top Alison Gaito, President
Annemarie Bailey-Yavonditte, Vice President
Genet Jen Crewell, President
Amy Pirrotta, Vice President
Green Meadow Holly Gialanella, President
Heather Campbell, Vice President
DPS Kim Simpson, President
Ashley Germond, Vice President
Red Mill Mari Petro, President
Jannette Eich, Co-Vice President
Julie Moore, Co-Vice President


The District benefits from numerous committees and organizations dedicated to providing students with a well-rounded high quality educational experience. To volunteer for these organizations and committees contact:

Education Committee Roy Stiles,
Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction
Budget Review and Advisory Committee (BRAC) Linda Wager, Director of Business and Finance 518-207-2535
East Greenbush Education Foundation Steve Taylor, President
The Friends of Music Pat Corkrey, President 518-479-0908
All Sports Club Michael Leonard, Athletic Director 518-207-2081