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Columbia High School cafeteria expansion

Columbia High School cafeteria expansion

Days after students bounded out of school for summer vacation, slinging backpacks over their shoulders and saying goodbye to teachers, classrooms were emptied out for maintenance and construction projects. In addition to the typical work of cleaning rooms, painting hallways and updating computer systems, six schools are undergoing construction as part of a $24 million capital project that will be completed in September.

The capital project was approved by District voters in May 2013 and was organized into five phases.

  • Phase 1 – roofing and security entrances
  • Phase 2 – heating system overhaul at Citizen Genet Elementary School
  • Phase 3 – kitchen renovations, asbestos and vermiculite abatement and architectural improvements (ceilings, floors, lights)
  • Phase 4 – HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) control upgrades in all the schools
  • Phase 5 – data upgrades in all the schools, specifically wifi routers and security cameras

Here’s a look at this summer’s construction projects.

Goff Middle School gymnasium

Goff Middle School gymnasium

Columbia High School

  • Cafeteria expansion
  • Kitchen renovation
  • Security camera upgrade


  • Classroom lighting upgrades
  • Kitchen renovation
  • Gymnasium renovation (new lighting, new bleachers and gym floor refinished)

Bell Top

  • Vermiculite abatement
Donald P. Sutherland Elementary School masonry work

DPS masonry repairs


  • Vermiculite abatement
  • Parapet masonry repairs


  • Kitchen renovation
  • Asbestos abatement
  • HVAC control upgrade

Red Mill

  • Storm drain dry well replacement/upgrade