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Security vestibule

All school entrances have security vestibules.

Safety has become an important topic at schools across the country over the past few years. At East Greenbush Central School District, school officials are committed to providing a safe environment for the well-being of students, staff and visitors. District officials are continually reviewing, discussing and advancing safety procedures to ensure staff and students know and understand district protocol and practice drills.

Earlier this school year, Superintendent Jeff Simons and other staff met with the New York State Police and local law enforcement agencies to discuss school safety. During the meeting, the District was complimented for its diligent safety efforts.

Some of the District’s safety measures include:

  • A District Safety Plan updated annually
  • Locked single point of entry at all schools
  • Security cameras monitor school entrances and surrounding areas
  • A police officer from the East Greenbush Police Department serves as the School Resource Officer every day at Columbia High School. He may also report to other schools as needed.
  • Comprehensive set of safety drills (fire, lockdown, lockout, severe weather, evacuation, school bus safety) to ensure that students, faculty and staff are prepared should an emergency occur
  • Improved communication through a notification system that sends emails, phone messages and text messages to parents/guardians

“The responsibilities for schools are constantly growing, and that is particularly true when it comes to safety,” Mr. Simons said. “I’m proud of the efforts our school community has made to improve health and safety in our buildings.”

The District also has a Safety Committee that meets regularly throughout the school year to discuss topics related to safety, health and wellness. The committee is comprised of principals, teachers, school nurses, Board of Education members and the school resource officer.

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