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Students hold up paper airplanesRed Mill third graders designed and built their own paper airplanes for a recent STEM lesson that focused on forces, motion, weight, lift, thrust and drag.

Students were given basic instructions for the design of a paper airplane and, in groups, discussed how to make the design better. Students did their own independent research to find their best design, practiced building them at home and then constructed a final airplane at school for a flying competition.

Students hold paper airplanesThe students flew their paper airplanes in the field behind school to test distance, flight time, and targeting ability. The lesson addresses the 3rd grade Next Generation Science Standards for Motion and Stability: Forces and Interactions.

Congratulations to the following students who had the highest scores!

  1. Soham Shah – 39.4
  2. McKayla Martyn – 35.9
  3. Zachary Hanna – 33.7