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Students coding on chromebooksGoff Middle School sixth graders recently completed the coding of several computer and robotic games in the new Technology Education STEM Lab, in what used to be an old computer lab.

Just as coding has become the mainstream for many businesses in the Capital Region, students in Goff’s Engineering by Design class learned what makes those games work by designing their own games.

Using JavaScript in the form of block code, students assembled a code for several ‘games’ incorporating actuators and sensors on their classroom Sphero Robots. Students will further dive into the world of robotics as they prepare for more in depth coding with the Ev3 Mindstorm Robotics.

“Not only are we introducing students to real life experiences for their technological future but we are giving them the tools needed to comprehend and problem solve within it,” said Technology Teacher John Cirincione. “And the students have fun while doing it.”

Students coding on chromebooks

Student types on chromebook

Students coding on chromebooks