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More than 30 awards were given out to students at the Howard L. Goff Middle School Awards Ceremony on Wednesday morning. Students were recognized for their excellence in academic subject areas, art, music, physical education, attendance and citizenship. Congratulations!

Garden Club Award

  • April Bergmann-Haro

Student Council Member of the Year
In honor of you unconditional support and service to the Goff Student Council and to your community.

  • Emily Doherty

Perseverance Award
In recognition of their hard work, perseverance and never giving up and always climbing. In honor of Peg Siver.

  • McKenzie Clinton
  • Luke Guenette
  • Ava Helou
  • Abigail Moxon

2-Year World Language Awards
Highest 2-year average in French Class

  • Harinisri Conji

100% on the FLACS exam for French Class

  • Raychelle Adadjo

Highest 2 year Average in German Class

  • Theodore Howard

100% on the FLACS exam for German Class

  • Theodore Howard
  • Kathleen Szczesniak
  • Tanner Silvernell
  • Brian Tobin

100% on the FLACS exam in Spanish Class

  • Randy Cazarin
  • Sarah Millet
  • Jenna Prescott
  • Xeshelle Taveras

Thelma Canonica Award
In recognition of their achievement and excellence in writing.

  • Raychelle Adadjo
  • Kilah Chapman
  • Dylan Marx
  • Ethan Milkiewicz
  • Adeline Nizer
  • Mylah Rosbozom
  • Destiny Ruiz
  • Jacob Skarlis
  • Ayla Stuto

Mathematics Award
Common Core Algebra 1 Regents Score of 100%

  • Harinisri Conji
  • Dylan Marx
  • Shea Thorpe

Social Studies Award for Excellence
This award recognizes your strong interest in history and civics, and is given to you in honor of your inquisitive nature and appreciation for studying the past.

  • Joseph Bradt
  • Naim Greenberg-Nielsen
  • Brian Tobin

Science Award
100% on the Earth Science Regents

  • Harinisri Conji

Music Awards

Director’s Award for Band

  • Austin Ernst

Director’s Award for Orchestra

  • Harinisri Conji

National School Choral Award

  • Naim Greenberg-Nielsen
  • Justine Senecal

Doris Clapper Drama Award

  • Maddie Gruber
  • Jayden Wojcik

Louis Armstrong Jazz Award

  • Shea Thorpe

New York State Band Director’s Association Outstanding Musician Award

  • Raychelle Adajo

New York State Band Director’s Association Most Improved Musician

  • Lucas Daoust

Goff School Art Awards
In honor of her dedication and love for the arts. Her work of art was purchased by Goff and will be displayed in the school library.

  • Zoe Collins

Perfect Attendance for 3 Years
Perfect attendance all three years at Goff Middle School.

  • Dawson Cimijotti
  • Thomas Fraser IV
  • Korin Laurilla
  • Lucy Nguyen
  • Jarius Scott
  • Joseph Wescott

No Grade Below 90 for 2 years
Having no grade below a 90% for seventh and eighth grades.

  • Lillian Alessi
  • Akshat Arinar
  • Madison Arsenault
  • Jacob A Baker
  • Jake P Baker
  • Zachary Booth
  • Harinisri Conji
  • Julianna Demers
  • Sarah Donovan
  • Austin Ernst
  • Natalie Faas
  • Julia Harbour
  • Henry Heeps
  • Theodore Howard
  • Mark Kamauff
  • Emily Koenig
  • Isaac Ladd
  • Jenna Lallier
  • Andrew Lugo
  • Myles Mahar
  • Tanner Malone
  • Alaina Marino
  • Dylan Marx
  • Joshua McKinney
  • Akkhil Morkonda
  • Kaelyn Pagones
  • Tori Patrissy
  • Jenna Prescott
  • Mylah Rosboxom
  • Justine Senecal
  • Jacob Skarlis
  • Shea Thorpe
  • Jake Tucker
  • Jayden Wojcik
  • Ava Zeolla

Iron Man Award

  • Jacob Skarlis

Iron Woman Award

  • Camdyn Erwell

Education Foundation Award
To a 7th grader who through their initiative and unselfishness has made the Goff School community a better place.

  • Roan Butterfield
  • Anne Hall
  • Ryan Krulikowski
  • Alexis Szemplinski

Transportation Team Award
For an 8th grade girl and an 8th grade boy for their accomplishments and contributions at the Goff Middle School, in remembrance of members of the bus garage.

  • Ryan Altomer
  • William Dobbin
  • Morgan Donnelly
  • Isabella Rexius

Gary Woods Award
Awarded to students who showed acts of kindness, caring and consideration for others.

  • Lauren Angelo
  • Kaitlin Childs
  • Lucas Daoust
  • Isabella Harris
  • Jack Johnson
  • Mark Kamouff
  • Joann Shirley Pole
  • Allison Roundy
  • Tanner Silvernell
  • Manpal Singh

William J. Cibulas Award
For an 8th grade student who has shown the most improvement in character, scholarship, service, citizenship and leadership.

  • Joseph Bradt
  • Abigail Moxon

Thurston Thompson Award
For an 8th grade girl and an 8th grade boy who have demonstrated the greatest use of athletic potential, sportsmanship and leadership.

  • Kyle Blake
  • Natalie Faas

Edmund Duprey Award
For an 8th grade boy and an 8th grade girl who have demonstrated outstanding character, service, citizenship and leadership.

  • Madison Arsenault
  • Theodore Howard

Steven Taylor Award
For an 8th grade boy and an 8th grade girl who have demonstrated a commitment to Goff  through participation in school and community service activities, honesty and a strong work ethic.

  • Abigail Heeg
  • Jacob Skarlis

Howard L Goff Award
For an 8th grade boy and an 8th grade girl whose character, scholarship, and citizenship epitomizes the man for whom it was named.

  • Lillian Alessi
  • Shea Thorpe