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Bandit sleeping on floor

Goff Middle School’s therapy dog Bandit sleeping on floor at home during the current school closing. He misses all of the students and staff!

At Howard L. Goff Middle School, Bandit (Goff’s therapy dog) provides the students with a smile, a buddy to cuddle with, a little stress relief, a companion, laughter and so much more.  

While students and staff are at home, Bandit is too. Missing Bandit, everyone is turning to their own pets for the same comfort, love and companionship. Whether it be a dog, cat, lizard, bunny, guinea pig or chicken, all of our pets are providing a much needed smile, stress relief and unconditional love.  

So while you are helping to flatten the curve from home, do not forget that you may have a pet friend, too. No matter what the pet, whether it barks, meows, swims, leaps or slithers…don’t forget what they can do for you!  

We hope they make you smile, too! 

Stay Safe and Healthy!

-Mrs. Lopez and Mrs. Yovine 

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