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Students understand and appreciate the support they have received from their families who have made distance learning possible. With that in mind, the Goff Student Council made a video to thank everyone at home for helping all of the students in the district with distance learning.

From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank all of the parents, grandparents, and family members that help make at home school learning possible for all us in the East Greenbush Central School District. Your efforts are truly appreciated. Without your support and dedication none of this would’ve been possible. I know this time has been hard for all of you and that doesn’t go unnoticed. You have all had to wear multiple hats during this difficult time. Your encouragement, patience and guidance have helped see us through this difficult time. The most I myself can do, along with many others is simply say thank you. I would like to ask all of my fellow classmates and many more, to say thank you to the people who mean so much to you, and tell them how much you appreciate what they are doing for you. We all have to realize that it is not just us that were shorted something this year, but our loved ones were too. So again, to all the parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and family members, we thank you. 


Alexis Szemplinski
Goff Student Council President