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Goff Elevation Celebration 2022

The 8th Grade Elevation Celebration was held on Friday, June 24 in the Columbia High School gym.

For the first time in three years, the 8th Grade Elevation Celebration returned to its traditional venue on Friday evening in the Columbia High School gym. The 8th grade class sat in rows in the center of the gym with family and friends watching from the bleachers. The students, one by one, walked up to receive their certificates and officially graduated from middle school.

It was a joyous event for everyone involved, and recognized the hard work and resilience of students during a challenging three years.

“With your positive attitudes and hard work you have made a difference despite the adverse circumstances,” said Principal Jill Barker.

Other speakers included Superintendent Jeff Simons, Goff Music Teacher Lorraine LaVoie, who is retiring at the end of this month, and Goff 8th Grade Class Co-Presidents Natalie Krisanda and Sophia Galligan.

Students also unveiled the 8th grade class board, which illustrated some of the key moments and themes from this past school year.

Congratulations to the Columbia Class of 2026 and best of luck in high school!

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