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Red Mill Speech Therapist Allie Harling working with students.

Speech Therapist Allie Harling, who was named 2023 EGTA Teacher of the Year, working with students at Red Mill Elementary School.

Teaching children is a noble profession that requires many attributes – enthusiasm, patience, empathy, and most importantly, having a love of children. These skills are embodied by Red Mill Speech Therapist Allie Harling who was recently selected as the 2023 EGTA Teacher of the Year.

Earlier this month, Mrs. Harling was surprised with the prestigious award while she was pushing into a kindergarten class for whole class instruction. The award was presented by EGTA President and Goff Art Teacher Alison Hosier. 

Allie Harling and Alison Hosier EGTA Teacher of the Year presentation

Speech Therapist Allie Harling, left, was presented with the EGTA Teacher of the Year award by EGTA President Alison Hosier.

“The EGTA believes that the greatest honor a teacher or related-service provider can receive is recognition from their colleagues. The EGTA Teacher of the Year process accomplishes exactly that,” Mrs. Hosier said. “Allie Harling exemplifies so much of what we take pride in in the EGTA: compassion, dedication, sincerity, unity, and commitment. Allie is genuine and caring in all her interactions with the students and community she serves, as well as with her peers.”

Mrs. Harling was so overcome with emotion upon receiving the award that she asked her students to try and make her laugh. They all responded by saying “I love you!” which only made the tears of happiness continue to stream down her face.

“It was absolutely perfect,” Mrs. Harling said. “I was speechless.”

Mrs. Harling has been teaching since 2005, working for the first 14 years of her career at Donald P. Sutherland Elementary School before joining Red Mill in 2019. 

As a speech therapist, she works with students, both regular education and special education, in different ways to improve their communication skills. She helps students improve their articulation (how to make sounds properly), language and reading comprehension, vocabulary, whole body listening, direction following and self advocacy skills.

“Allie is truly one of a kind!” said Red Mill Principal Helen Squillace. “Beyond her outstanding work in the classroom and with students, she is one of the most positive people I have encountered in education. Allie is a great resource to our teachers and she is adored by our students. We feel so very fortunate to have her on our team at Red Mill.”

Mrs. Harling pushes into Kindergarten and 1st Grade classes, and the Grades 3-5 Communication Skills class to provide whole class instruction. She also pulls students out of class for individual and group instruction, which also includes 4th and 5th graders.

Earlier this week, she was working with two students from the Grades 3-5 Communication Skills class. They sat at a small table in Mrs. Harling’s office and played ice cream, making all sorts of ice cream sundaes with plastic ice cream scoops, cones and toppings.

“What flavor is that?” Mrs. Harling asked a student.

“Fanilla,” said the student, with Mrs. Harling watching and listening intently.

“Vanilla,” Mrs. Harling responded with clear enunciation as she showed how to make each of the sounds. “Vanilla,” she repeated.

“Vanilla,” the student said to her approving teacher.

More than learning how to make sounds properly to improve speech, though, Mrs. Harling also teaches students to improve social language and how to interact with others appropriately, something she says has become harder for children since the pandemic.

As the students happily played with the toy ice cream, they passed different flavors back and forth all while Mrs. Harling prompted them to use their manners if they wanted something, and to say please and thank you to each other.


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The students love Mrs. Harling so much that some are disappointed when they’ve achieved their goals and are dismissed from speech services. (So far this year, 11 of her students have reached their goals and no longer receive speech services.)

While Mrs. Harling misses meeting with them as well, she is proud to see them grow, and she makes sure to celebrate the small successes along the way.

“They come to me because something is difficult for them so I want them to be proud of themselves, have confidence and just know that it’s a safe place and that they are so loved even if it is hard for them,” Mrs. Harling said. “I just want them to try and be proud of themselves for trying.”

Congratulations to Allie Harling, the 2023 EGTA Teacher of the Year!

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