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Students try out different books at a Book Tasting in the DPS Library.

Fourth grade students try out different books at a Book Tasting in the Donald P. Sutherland Elementary School Library.

The Donald P. Sutherland Elementary School Library has the hottest menu in town. And it’s not food that is being served, but reading, with books from all different genres delicately plated for students to enjoy.

Library Media Specialist Peg O’Connor and 4th Grade Teacher Tonya Maxstadt served as the hosts, servers and chefs as students sat at tables draped in tablecloths and began trying out various books. They scanned the covers, flipped through the books, and read a few pages to see what they liked.

Judging by the student reflections that they wrote on napkin-shaped cards, the Book Tasting received a five-star review:

“It was good. Amazing!”

“I enjoyed when I got to read all of these new books that I never read before.”

“I liked trying new books.”

“I didn’t expect to like sports books. I like getting interested in different books because now I have more options to pick out.”

“I did find out I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE mystery fiction!!”

All three ELA classes from 4th grade visited the library for their reservation at the Book Tasting. At the end of each seating, students brought books to Mrs. O’Connor at the circulation desk to check them out. In total, more than 120 books were checked out by students.