For the 11th straight year, the East Greenbush Central School District received a “no designation” fiscal stress score from the New York State Comptroller’s Office, indicating a low level of fiscal stress. The comptroller’s report was released in January.

The Fiscal Stress Monitoring System was established by the State Comptroller in 2013 as an early warning of fiscal stress in school districts and local governments. It also provides feedback to local leaders, state officials and taxpayers about these fiscal stress conditions to help them prioritize the needs of their community and make decisions.

There are two components to the report:

  1. Financial indicators – year-end fund balances, cash position, short-term borrowing and patterns of operating deficits/surpluses.
  2. Environmental indicators – poverty, class sizes, student to teacher ratio, turnover rates of teachers, changes in property values, budget support and English Language Learners.

The East Greenbush CSD was one of only 41 school districts to receive a 0.0 score for both fiscal and environmental stress (out of 672 school districts).

View NYS Comptroller’s Report